Queen Bianca Clarke keeps the heat up with this timeless street anthem and continues her push towards stardom. Confidently flowing over the Algeno & Mattazik produced banger, Bianca expresses her willingness to do whatever it takes to get what she deserves. The record is full of energy and a clear message that if you are not about gettin’ it, you might as well not be living it.
Never one to be afraid to call out the frauds and unfocused haters, Bianca continues to show the ladies how to be determined, smart and driven, without compromising your integrity. “I’m Wit It” is featured on Bianca’s latest full-length release Queen of the South and is currently experiencing heavy radio play. Word from inside the camp is the video is in the editing phase and should be out by the end of the month. We are really excited to see the visuals put together for this is one. Bianca is known to have highly infectious videos that have quality production and good storylines. In the meantimeyou can stream the entire LP on Spotify.


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