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Jay Summer – Look The Part | @Jaysummr



West Coast singer/songwriter Jay Summer brings new
approach to musical storytelling

SAN FRANSICO, CA – Jay Summer’s music is a thoughtful, infectious mix of both unique and familiar sounds. Hailing from the Bay Area of California, Jay takes his musical influences from artists such as Frank Ocean, Rex Orange County, David Bowie and more. He first burst onto the scene in early 2018 with his single, “Clutch Burning.” His latest track, called “Look the Part,” just dropped on March 23 across all digital distribution sites.

“Look the Part” is a continuation of the story that Jay started with his first single and brings a more energetic, “commercial” feel compared to its predecessor. Jay said the two songs are part of a larger, cohesive collection of tracks he’s putting together to be released over the next year-and-a-half. The project will explore his experiences and observations after moving from a small town in Massachusetts all the way across the country to the West Coast.

“That was three years ago,” he said. “Since then I’ve been trying to get into the music industry and make money off something I at first considered to be a hobby but now want to make my life. With that comes a lot of questioning how to make things work. For this project I’m trying to explore all the worst conclusions I could have drawn about what success actually is and how to get there. I thought it would be interesting to create a character that fell for every trap and let the aftermath play out around him.”

Jay said that his time in California has stretched him as both a person and an artist. Between grinding in local bars and shops and meeting all different kinds of musicians, he’s developed what he believes is a unique sound that that tastefully blends genres as well as writing styles.

“I want people to think a little bit deeper when they hear my music,” he said. “Most of what I’m writing is as much satirical and sarcastic as it is personal. I’m taking my opinions and anxieties, blowing them out of proportion, and adding a beat.”

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Lightskin Bobby – ‘Last Of A Dying Breed’





Today ATL based artist Lightskin Bobbyreleases his new album, “Last of A Dying Breed” the third single from his third album. Previously Bobby released the singles “Lil Baby” featuring Faded Mulah, “Summer Vibes” and “Ice” which combined generated over 2 million views over the past few months.

“My music mixes R&B with Hip-Hop and integrates some of my Bahamian culture into the sound,” Lightskin Bobby explained. “Even though I’m from Atlanta, I’m not your typical Atlanta artist. I can actually sing, but I’m also kind of rough around the edges so it’s easy for people to think that I’m a rapper and not a singer. Little do they know, I can rap too, but I’m still a singer first.”

Going back and forth between ballads and love songs, and stretching to club bangers and ratchet tracks, Lightskin Bobby looks to add something to his sound that’s authentic and eclectic.

My music is something that will make you durrty whine. And it all sounds authentic and not like I’m jumping all over the place, because it’s all a part of me and I do it all so well,” he added.

Getting his start as early as high school Lightskin Bobby has been on the scene in Atlanta for a decade building up for his big break.

I’ve been a professional recording artist since high school. I’ve been on the scene for quite away, always in the mix and working with other known artists and producers, singing, recording, and putting out music videos,”a 30 year old Lightskin Bobby said.  “Back then it wasn’t my time but now it’s my season to shine. So, here I am not ready to go but already going. I’m an artist. I’ve been an artist and an independent, money-making artist at that. So, I’ve surpassed just being another artist. I now have an ownership mindset. I’m the CEO of my own record label 4biddenPleasureMusic Group.”

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Bleed 4 You ( Video Teaser ) – Blow_flyy | @Blow_flyy



This is a short “tease” clip Of Canadian artist #Blow_flyy {@Blow_flyy @blowflyy}

Soon to be Released Video “Bleed 4 You”


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