yung pinch

Today I bring you a hot new single from Yung Pinch titledStuck In My Ways“. This single is a collaboration between Yung Pinch, Ghetty, Yung Trip, with production from Akron.

Stuck In My Ways is a laid back, mellow type song that is easy to vibe to. If you are a smoker you should really appreciate this song, especially after smoking that good shit. You can hear Yung Pinch on the hook, with Ghetty on the 1st verse, and Yung Trip on the 2nd verse. The song features production from Akron.

This collaboration spans two states, and two countries. Yung Pinch, is a California native, Ghetty is from Illinois, while both Akron, and Yung Trip are from Canada.

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As always we ask that you support the independent artists by purchasing their music. Young Pinch, “Stuck In My Ways” is available on iTunes click here to purchase.

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