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Word on the internet streets is that Idris Elba has squashed the hopes of women around the world and knocked up his new bo, a makeup artist.


Deets and pics inside…

We usually take what The Sun says with a grain of salt….but this time it may hold some water.

The fineness that is Idris Elba showed up to the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year awards in London yesterday with a "mystery woman" on his arm.  But it turns out, she’s not a mystery afterall.

She’s makeup artist Naiyana Garth.  She lives in London…and she appears to be pregnant. *GASP*

The Sun reports that a source told them:

‘They’ve been together for a few months but it’s really ramped up recently. They get on brilliantly and she’s a real hit with his family and friends.

‘Idris is known as a ladies’ man but he’s really not at all. He’d rather have banter at the bar than spend all night grafting on women. Although he doesn’t have to try anyway, women flock to him.’

Oh really?

And there’s more.  This wasn’t the first public appearance she’s made with the Mandela star.  They hit up the Dior at Harrod’s launch together back in March.

As soon as the rumor of their alleged relationshp and even more alleged baby hit the net, Naiyana up and deleted her Twitter account.  Trying to hide something?

But we saw a few of her tweets from before her big deletion.  And that’s where she told a friend she’s pregnant: 


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She also referenced Mr. Elba plenty on her TL.


Damn Idris.  Just…damn.


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