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FOOLERY: Did J.R. Smith REALLY Ask A HIGH SCHOOL Chick…."You Trying To Get The Pipe?"



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Notorius heartthrob J.R. Smith is making headlines for flirting with a high school chick on twitter and offering her…the pipe.  See their Twitter exchange inside….


Earlier, K. Michelle revealed that her upcoming Rebellious Soul album is based on her "romance" with NY Kicks baller J.R. Smith, so it made us wonder what it is about the baller that makes him "inspire" women?   We see that he’s cute in that bad boy way and has a body full of sexy tattoos, but we just found out he’s also a poet….and so eloquent with his words!

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J.R. just got put on blast for flirting via DM with a chick who’s a senior in high school.  Now before you start giving him that R. Kelly side-eye, reports state the chick in question lives in Pennsylvania (where the age of consent is 16).   And since we know the Knicks played the Philly 76ers the night of the 26th, we have to wonder if the chick followed through……

The second image shows her actual answer beforehand.  After the private conversation went viral…

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-22at102112AM.png

J.R. posted this pic to his Instagram account.  Because it’s clear from the conversation, he was simply offering the student a choice of pipes that he apparently sells. Even ballers could have a side hustle….

Good try dude….

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New Jersey’s OnlyJahmez Releases New Single, “Thoughts”



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In his much anticipated release, hip-hop artist, OnlyJahmez, debuts “Thoughts” – a dark and twisty view into his mind, relationships, enemies, and his self-perception.

Following up from his previous singles, “Akon,” with over 100,000 views, and “Tiff Banister ft. Lil Wayne,” OnlyJahmez’s “Thoughts in My Head” serves as the lead single for his next album, RIOT. In “Thoughts in My Head,” he raps, “Too many problems and weed/I think I’m better alone.”

With fluttering high hats and dark synths looming under the track, “Thoughts in My Head” is the perfect song to describe OnlyJahmez’s artistic vision and thought process.

Listen to “Thoughts in My Head” down BELOW!


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19 Things You Don’t Know About Robbie Burke



Meet the founder and CEO of Mindful Muscle, a 23 years old American personal trainer, fitness consultant, entrepreneur, business owner and professional bodybuilder. Who grew up in New Jersey. He provides students & families with a holistic way of becoming a better human being.

According to Robbie, “Our body is a reflection of what’s going on in your mind. That’s where the “Mindful” in Mindful Muscle comes in”.

But do you really know Robbie Burke? We got the chance to talk with him and get answers to some of our burning questions.

Robbie Burke

Check out – Why people won’t support you (Not what you think) By Robbie Burke

What You Don’t Know About Me … By ROBBIE BURKE:

1. My favourite food: Chicken cutlets

2. My least favourite food: Anything with mayonnaise

3. My idea of a perfect meal: Chicken cutlets, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables

4. What motivates me when I’m not in the mood to work out or eat healthily: I’m eventually going to die. So I need to take every moment to apply pressure.

5. My guilty pleasure: Sour patch kids.

6. One thing I’m really good at: Being myself

7. One thing I’m horrible at – Dancing.

8. How I clear my head after a crappy day: Meditation and affirmations.

9. The song (or type of music) that always puts me in a good mood: Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky and Chris brown

10. The talent I would most like to have: Public Speaking

11. Who I admire and why: Kevin Gates for his dark past and positive future + mission to enlightenment.

12. The qualities I most admire in someone: Honesty. Being open-minded. Understanding.

13. The things I most value in my friends: When they tell me the truth.
14. Three qualities that have gotten me to where I am today: Being open-minded. Not letting people convince me to do something I don’t believe
in, being stubborn.

15. The change I’d like to see in my industry: Nothing.

16. The best advice I’ve ever gotten: No matter what you say in life- someone is going to love you for it and someone is
going to hate you for it.

17. The best advice I could give someone: Go with your gut and stop trying to be perfect.

18. My greatest achievement is – My business.

19. My idea of a perfect day: Outdoor patio party with hot tub, beautiful women, food and close friends.

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