Fashion loves irony and practically almost anything kitsch as proven by brands like Vetements, Moschino, and all the parody labels that have come and gone. With the DIY community wanting to make a statement on the state of fashion, IKEA’s FRAKTA bag somehow became not only the inspiration of choice but also the main material for constructing these eye-catching custom products. The 100% polypropylene-made bag symbolizes the power and ubiquity of this large corporation, but it also represents that “do it yourself/assembly required” attitude IKEA is known for which a lot of today’s creative people can relate to.
Crafty individuals making products inspired by IKEA is nothing new. The current phenomena just didn’t happen overnight because of an expensive bag. If anything, Balenciaga and IKEA just pushed more people to create — anyone with the right tools and know-how accepted a challenge they’ve brought on upon themselves and the results have been evident on social media. The trend has spread like wildfire and surely we’ll see more than just sneakers, clothing and underwear being created in the near future. In fact, you can already infuse the FRAKTA BAG into your workout routine.

Check out some of the best and craziest items inspired by IKEA’s FRAKTA bag below.

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