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Kobe Bryant’s mother, Pamela Bryant, may never see the big payoff she was hoping for now that a judge has put a "time out" on the auction of her son’s memorabilia.  Get the deets on the new development inside….


Kobe Bryant’s legal team scored a slam dunk, this week, after a judge halted his mom’s plans to sell his basketball memorabilia at auction.  If you’ll recall, Kobe filed a lawsuit on his mother and Goldin Auctions to stop them from selling off his ish.  He said she was only selling his vintage memorabilia that was left at her house because he wouldn’t give her money for an expensive new house.  And this is ow she was going to get that cash.  He also claims she STOLE some items from him as well.

Kobe’s mom claims he gave up rights to the items.

TMZ reports that a judge issued a temporary restraining order against Goldin Auctions which stops them from selling off Kobe’s memorabilia until a full hearing can be held next Monday.

Since Kobe and his mom Pamela don’t agree on who the stuff belongs to, it looks like a judge will decide who gets to keep everything.  Kobe & his parents have had a rocky relationship ever since he married Vanessa, but who knew it would come to this?


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