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MAGAZINE FAB: Nicki Minaj Gets BLONDE & WET For ELLE + Morris Chestnut Does ROLLING OUT



 photo elle-april-cover-with-lines-nicki-minaj-0413-xln-lgn_zps0e20db1b.jpg

After arriving almost 30 minutes late–in a jumpsuit–to the live taping of "Idol" last night, judge Nicki Minaj is making up for it with her new ELLE magazine cover for the April 2013 issue.


Check out her Tom Ford look, plus Morris Chestnut looking yummy on Rolling Out….

Hopefully Nicki will learn how to get to places on time–even with traffic–for the sake of her professionalism and keeping a job.  But at least she’s looking more put together than usual for her second cover of ELLE magazine.

The "High School" rapper is rocking her blonde semi-wet wig and leather jackets and face-shirts for her April 2013 spread.  And check out what she had to say about her advice for women and bullying before checking out the rest of the spread: 

Her advice for women on how to command respect: "My advice to women in general: Even if you’re doing a nine-to-five job, treat yourself like a boss. Not arrogant, but be sure of what you want— and don’t allow people to run anything for you without your knowledge. You want everyone to know, Okay, I can’t play games with her. I have to do right by this woman. That’s what it’s all about."

On her plans for world domination: "My goal in the beginning was to buy my mother a house. Now I realize, Okay, if I really focus and become a key player in business, then I can build an empire. I’m thinking of a legacy that I can be proud of and wealth that my grandchildren can use to go to college. So world domination— in terms of providing for my family— is absolutely my goal."

On experiencing bullying in school as a child: "I went through a lot of bullying early on. Girls made my life a living hell. We had come to America from a different country. My brother and I had accents. It was very tough. So I’ve always put up this wall— it was a self-defense mechanism growing up— because I was almost expecting people to attack me. And I still have it. It’s sad."

On her dramatic make-under for her ELLE photo shoot: "When I saw myself with barely any makeup at, it was such a… like, I’m so, so attached to my pink lipstick, it’s hard. I feel that it’s become a part of me. To go in front of the camera, without pink lips or big ol’ crazy lashes— you know, nothing— I felt naked. It was scary! So this photo shoot was a real accomplishment in my eyes."



More pics:

 photo elle-05-april-cover-nicki-minaj-0413-xln-lgn_zps837634cd.jpg

Print bathing suit, Jeremy Scott for Adidas, $95. Leather trousers, Salvatore Ferragamo. Link bracelet, Chrome Hearts, $1,595.

 photo elle-06-april-cover-nicki-minaj-0413-xln-lgn_zpsfe8e9726.jpg

Strap-trim napa leather jacket, Tom Ford. Leggings by American Apparel, $28.

 photo elle-04-april-cover-nicki-minaj-0413-xln-lgn_zps0c8db219.jpg

Woven raffia bustier, $1,325, skirt, $3,095, both, Dolce & Gabbana

 photo elle-07-april-behindthecover-nicki-minaj-0413-xln-lgn_zps9de8d17a.jpg

Read the full interview on newsstands March 18!  Here’s some video about it:


 photo MorrisChestnut_zpsff674cf9.jpg

Morris Chestnut is promoting his new movie The Call on the cover of Rolling Out magazine.  Here’s what they had to say about his cover story:

Co-starring in the February 2013 blockbuster "Identity Thief", opposite Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy; and this month in "The Call" as Halle Berry’s love interest, Chestnut’s star appears to be shining even brighter as of late. 2013 will undoubtedly prove to be one of Chestnut’s most notable years, with a summer blockbuster hit on the way, "Kick Ass 2", an appearance on the fifth season of Showtime’s "Nurse Jackie", and the long awaited sequel to "The Best Man" making its way to theatres in November. Although he is one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, and it’s no secret he is considered to be one of the most handsome men on the planet, Chestnut insists family is his first priority. The married father of two has perfected balancing his public persona against his starring roles as husband, father, brother and even friend.

And about getting the call for the role to play opposite Halle Berry:

“It was difficult. It was difficult. I mean it was going to be a deal breaker. They said they wanted me for the movie and I said ‘who’s playing that role,’ they said ‘Halle’ and I said ‘I don’t know if I can do it. I have to kiss her and stuff,’ ” he jokes.

Check out the full cover story over at RO.


ELLE Photos: Thomas Whiteside, Rolling Out Photog: DeWayne Rogers

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Suave The Don – “Stories of the Hood” (Video)




After riding a wave in 2018 with two projects which include the popular project Heatwave 2, the rising New York recording artist, Suave The Don, returned from hiatus with an even more polished sound with the release of the video to the new hit song, “Stories Of The Hood.” Using his signature East Coast style and in the moment appeal, The Don enlists the direction of Jack Trvdes & Haddawi over the Twan production and finds him detailing how too often friends become foes.

The song was inspired by the streets consistently retelling the usual story of friends becoming enemies in a matter of time. Suave states: “Beefing with the same kids you grew up with is the story of every hood.”

“Stories of the Hood” follows Suave’s 2019 Matter of Grind album which spawned “Understand Me” and “SLumped Anthem.” Originally bursting onto the scene in 20115 and made his run in 2017 with a string of buzzing tracks, like “Like That,” “Heat,” “Live From The 5” and “I Think I Might,” Suave The Don is best known for his breakthrough album called Know the Vibes. Suave’s latest release is the lead to his anticipated new album coming mid-2021.

After the stream below, For more on Suave The Don, follow him daily on Instagram and Twitter.

“Stories of the Hood” is available now via 510 Music Group, a subsidiary of EMPIRE. Watch it below and stream it here.

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Ronny Kash – “It’s Up”




San Antonio rapper Ronny Kash may be unfamiliar to most, but he has been bubbling below the radar since 2017 with his magnetic music, popular demeanor and southern lyricism. Today, the rising star continues to infect the masses with the release of his latest single, titled, “It’s Up.”

Produced by Qari Beatz, the new song shows the rising star perfecting his signature sound which combines gritty trap beats, lifestyle lyrics, and hypnotic cadences. The new effort is the direct follow-up to Kash’s 2020 single, “Fabo.” To-date, Kash has accumulated over 16,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and expected to release his new music 2021 with a promised new album, currently untitled, and a follow-up to his breakout 2019 album, K.R.E.A.M..

As Texas hip-hop continues to establish a new resurgence in today’s music, Kash’s popularity arrives perfectly and perfect for newfound fans to jump on the bandwagon, today, starting with “It’s Up.” Recently, Kash released a project, titled, Snack Pack Vol. 1, available via Soundcloud. Kash’s next project will be released on Southwest Digital.

After the listen, for more on Ronny Kash, follow the thriving artist on Instagram for daily updates. A visual for “It’s Up” is currently in the works and slated for the coming weeks. Available on all DSPs via Sound of Live Entertainment.

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