East Hampton, NY native Jacqueline Eleazer and Haengto “Misook” Dickinson, originally from South Korea, are owners of Misook’s Ginger Tea LLC. The established company is successfully striving based off their artisanal all-natural Ginger based beverage in many flavors to choose from including Ginger Tea, Ginger Lemonade, Pineapple Ginger, and a seasonal beverage of Ginger Apple Cider from a local Orchard.  “Every batch is handmade and only natural ingredients are used, no preservatives. We pride ourselves in making a great tasting product that will help your body to balance itself in an unbalanced world.” -Jacqueline



The creation of Misook’s Ginger Tea dates to when Haengto moved to the states. She taught herself how to speak English through television and a little from her in-laws. For income Haengto began cleaning homes and hotels until she established her own cleaning business. She went on to clean homes of movie stars, celebrities, and other prominent wealthy businesses.  Upon retiring her business, to keep busy, Haengto became groundskeeper for a distinguished international lawyer which is where Misook’s Ginger Tea was birthed.  “One day he had a visitor who had an extremely bad cold so I made tea for him and after one sip the gentleman remarked, “this stuff is great you should sell it”, and as they say, ‘the rest is history.’ -Haengto

In 2010 Haengto started the business and ventured from store to store with small batches, which stirred quite a local buzz in Long Island, NY. From there Misook’s Ginger Tea flourished into a plethora of stores, multiple farmers markets, festivals, and even an online store, as well as recognition from major media outlets such as Edible East End, East End Taste, and WSJ.com.


Jacqueline utilizes her educational background and degrees in Accounting and Finance, while Haengto adds a shared family recipe to help people achieve a healthy new lifestyle by all-natural means. The mother daughter team of Misook’s Ginger Tea LLC are expanding the family business onto a national and international level.  “We will continue and grow this business to give people a healthier and better alternative to sugary drinks. This beverage will aid people in multiple ways, everything from stomach issues, to arthritis and Alzheimer’s and many more benefits.” -Jacqueline

Misook’s Ginger Tea LLC, P.O Box 3051, East Hampton, NY 11937 (631) 329-2287

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