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In one of the realest interviews from someone who was in the industry but not of the industry, Dame Dash clears up what really went down with his infamous career.


Dame drops knowledge about why he’s left the fake industry for good and why everything went down with Jay-Z, Aaliyah, Rachel Roy & Rocafella the way it did….

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He’s known as the original a**hole of the hip hop industry.  But he’s also one of the first to truly build and own the rap brands he worked with. And with that, comes drama.  We haven’t heard from him in years, but here’s the lowdown if you’ve ever wondered (and we know we have) why the 41-year-old REALLY left his long time business partners like Jay-Z & Rocafella.  The 41-year-old dad of four also addresses the long time beef with Just Blaze (who shows up as well for some awkward talk).

Dame explained why he hates working with men in the industry, and prefers working with females. "Men can be too insecure. The more you do for a guy, the more they resent you.  I prefer working with females [like ex-wife Rachel Roy] because the more success you get, they take it as their success too.  They’re thankful."


Dame drops some knowledge about the fake titles, fake power and fake people in the often fake industry.  If he didn’t own it and it wasn’t authentic, Dame wasn’t having it.  He essentially let us know that being handed a title and some cash in a deal wasn’t the way he wanted to win. But it’s the way many people he worked with in the industry did want to win.  Instead, he wanted to own and completely control the deal.  So now he’s clearing the air about being the bad guy.  And he’s also talking about those "broke" rumors.

Check out the epic 2 hour interview with The Combat Jack Show below:


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