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New Music: Check out Alicia Lov’s New Visual for “Talk”



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Alicia Lov‘s new song, “Talk,” is the perfect breakup ballad that fans all across the world can identify to. The singer, who is known for her pop, R&B, and alternative sounds, delivers a wicked dancehall beat that will definitely get you dancing and immersed in the song.

Alicia was inspired to write “Talk” after a prior relationship in which she “believed a guy’s bullshit when [she] really shouldn’t have.” Alicia was put in a tough situation that many of us can relate to: she was misled, which made her furious and irritated, which she wonderfully poured into the beat, producing an intensity that is unexpected, vulnerable, and hits all the right notes.

“This song was inspired by some events that took place last year with a guy, but the sound was a little bit inspired by dancehall beats,” Lov explained in a recent interview. “Dancehall music is definitely one of my little pleasures. The music video was inspired by the fun times you can have once you get rid of the guy who did you wrong.”

Her current song is unlike anything she’s done previously, but it only goes to show how varied and adaptable she is as a performer. “Talk,” like most of Alicia’s work, is a sensitive song with a great dancehall beat that will make you want to get up and dance while she offers interesting vocals layered over a joyous poppy sound that will have anybody dancing.

The visual for “Talk” compliments the lyrics perfectly, and add an element to the song that delivers.

The new single by Alicia Lov is a bold love and heartbreak narrative that dives into the intricacies of love.

“I always write from a place of truth and sometimes the truth is messy and hard, and I want listeners to be able to relate to my songs and realize that we all go through the same things and people have more in common than we know,” she explained

Follow Alicia Lov on Instagram as she prepares to debut her new video for “Talk,” her most recent hit.
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Meanwhile, listen to Alica Lov’s latest single, “Talk,” which is now available to stream across all platforms.

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Meet Rising Toronto Musician Natalie Reign



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Natalie Reign is a musician from Toronto, Canada, who is passionate about her profession and wants to use it to make a difference in people’s lives. Natalie Monchis is her real name, but she uses the stage name “Natalie Reign” to remind herself and others of the necessity of starting with the right mindset in order to succeed in life.

“I had been struggling for quite some time to find an artist name that represented me, my music, and the message I wanted to portray to my audience,” explains Natalie about how she landed with her pen name. “By fluke, the word Reign, which symbolizes royalty, power, and strength, came to me. The name is a reminder for myself and my listeners to believe in ourselves and to push through life to help us build confidence and resilience.”

Natalie is most known for her last hit, “Royal,” now she’s back with “Lose Your Mind,” her new single. The latter was created in collaboration with TVGUCCI, a renowned musical artist and OVO affiliate, and has begun to acquire traction on different music platforms. It’s an energetic tune that demonstrates Reign’s versatility as an artist by demonstrating her ability to create a variety of sounds.

Natalie Reign has always loved music and dancing since she was a child. Her Russian background simply added to her ability to sing and twirl wherever she went. The artist’s family recollections include a lot of singing because Russian-style celebrations always included live music and dancing. She also grew up listening to ABBA, Boney M, and other musical giants from the 1980s. “Overall, I feel my upbringing has impacted my view on life, my open-mindedness, pushed me to experiment with new sounds, and given me a tremendous respect for arts in general,” Natalie adds.

Natalie Reign did not begin her musical career until 2017. She began as an artist brand under her own name, but subsequently added the term “Reign,” which has proven to be a significant addition. Her music is mostly influenced by afro, rap, hip hop, and R&B. Despite having a fear of public speaking as a child, Natalie has learnt to embrace the spotlight and shine, as seen by her current single, “Lose Your Mind,” featuring TVGUCCI.

Natalie Reign tells how the collaboration occurred unexpectedly but has turned into an amazing gem of a track when discussing about her current hit. TVGUCCI happened to be the next in line to record while working on “Lose Your Mind” with her sound engineer at Abstract Studios. The music celebrity took the next spot, but surprised everyone by asking to perform Natalie’s song and even adding a full verse of his own. Natalie Reign remembers, “I was in utter astonishment and was shocked that he had loved the song so much that he wanted to jump on it.” “As a last thought, anticipate the unexpected.”

Natalie hopes to create more music that appeals to individuals from all walks of life. She presently works in the criminal justice system during the day and writes music on the side. On Instagram and Spotify, you can follow Natalie Reign and her music to keep up with her journey.

Stream “Lose Your Mind” ft. TVGUCCI below.


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ShaVazz The Weirdo Releases “Love You Better” Material




Shavazz The Weirdo
is an Ohio creative on the rise. With an immense talent for creating heart felt and truthful music, he is wanting his fans to know that he is a lover and not a fighter. Returning to the scene with an impressive release titled “Love You Better” ShaVazz has a thriving sound that will cultivate airways internationally.

“Love You Better” is an all around versatile track that has gotten the attention of many different ears from the elderly to the kids. With a universal message of spreading love, this Ohio native does a great job of creating a record that sees no color, race, gender, religion or ethnicity making it relatable to all.

The concept of this song itself, is enough to hook anyone in and if that didn’t do it then the beat will definitely get the the job done. We all have dealt with heart break “Love You Better” takes you through ShaVazz The Weirdos heart break step by step. 

On this single you will hear the rising star making it clear the the wants the one he loves the most back in his life. With a copious amount mount of vulnerability and truth telling, he comes clean about his shortcomings asking for forgiveness with a country undertone. Their simply is not one record out like this. It’s as if you are listening to a black western love story praying the guy gets his cowgirl back.

ShaVazz The Weirdo has a hit on his hands with this one. Checkout his latest material below by streaming his “Love You Better” single.

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