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K. Michelle brings the drama in her interview with the Breakfast Club. She goes IN on Soulja Boy, explains what happened between her and Lil Kim’s friendship, Meek Mill and more when you go inside….

K. Michelle clearly doesn’t give any “f****”, just like her Valentine’s Day mixtape title, Still No F*cks Given. And she’s currently recording for her sophmore album, following her debut album Rebellious Soul. But before she talked about that, K had some things she wanted to get up off her chest.

On the heels of her recently released track “Love Em All”, the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to chop it up with the radio hosts about her upcoming album, her medical marijuana edibles line her relationship with MMG rapper Meek Mill, the fallout between her and Lil Kim and she CHECKS “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Soulja Boy for some comments he made about her during an interview.

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K first shared a story about giving Ne-Yo some “Happy Bites” and revealed he couldn’t handle the high. Ha! She also revealed she has worked with him the studio for a few tracks on her upcoming album.

On Meek Mill—K is still insisting she and Meek Mill have never slept together. She said “I never swung on his pole, on his thing. I’ve never slept with him. He’s never been between my legs. Nothing. We go in the studio we flirt, but it’s not that. We’ve been around each other, we could have slept with each other, we never have. We know that people think that, so it’s funny. “

She also addressed her issue with Elle Varner…again. She’s still mad that Elle jacked her track (while they were under the same management) and started mimicking her singing style.

On Lil Kim—“I’m not studying this lady.”

She talked about how her and Lil Kim fell out. After she called Nicki Minaj the queen of rap on Twitter after her 2014 VMA performance, Kim’s fans came after K. Michelle. She said, “B*tch tryna get a moment. For the VMA moment. Neither one of us was there muthaf*cka…got damn. At least I’m in the studio working…you know it’s my first album. You been in the game, you could have at least been a guest.” Shots fired! K was pissed Kim didn’t just text her since she has her phone number. In fact, she said she and Kim once talked about K being her daughter Royal Reign’s godmother. 

Then she sets the record straight after Soulja Boy implied during an interview that he had relations with her at one point.

She popped off saying, “I watched an interview and Soulja Boy was on this interview and they was asking him like, asking all the men of Love & Hip Hop LA, who would they bang. And hey said me… ok great…but Soulja Boy implies that he had slept with me.”

Then she goes IN: “He’s giggling, he’s like ‘Nah I ain’t say that’ and then he’s giggling. You can giggle on these nuts! Let me tell you something Soulja Boy, cause I know you gone hear this, what you not gone do is lie on my hot pocket. When I do something, I say I did it. And that’s what it is. So that giggling, we don’t want to giggle about the transgender in Atlanta, giggle giggle, now crank that, crank that!”


She also talked about opening her new spa in Memphis, her own reality TV show coming soon, her relationship status and her upcoming album having country tracks on it.

Check it:


And after her interview….

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K. Michelle got to meet her idol Mary J. Blige. While she was chatting it up with The Breakfast Club, she saw Mary walk by and K was super star struck. Luckily for her, Mary was still around the Power 105 offices and she got a chance to meet one of the legendary women who has paved the way for her. She captioned, “I just met my idol Mary J Blige. I cried like a baby. You will never understand how special this moment was for me. Thank you Power 105 for making this happen.” Nice!

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