After undeniable anticipation, Pak Musik’s Drae V has inked a distribution deal with OPM STREAMS. Rumor has it before the deal was sealed, Haitian Remo visited the Bobby Shmurda look a like out in Syracuse, New York for an undisclosed 602 Locked In studio listening situation. There was alot of talking to Drae’s immediate listeners delving into what about the rapper that has earned him such a loyal fanbase in the upstate region.
Before the private event Drae V sat down with OPM Streams for a rare exclusive interview, where he talked about the current social climates, internal struggles, how he plans on doing something major in his hometown, & whole lot more.

Unsurprisingly, many of the attendees have been listening  to “Scoring” (Prod By TA Beats). In the absence of a project, they’ve been bumping this intro. “I know some of his shit that’s not even out yet, just off of parties on campus,” says one fan. Needless to say, they’re excited to hear more. Now that it’s out, did it live up to the hype?