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Richie Valentino Displays Creative Talent on Recent Project ‘Multiple Personality’



Richie Valentino

Richie Valentino is somebody you want to keep on your radar. The well-known concert and nightclub promoter is now paving his own lane in music, and is proving his capability as an artist on his debut project Multiple Personality which just dropped last month. The Long Island native is known locally as the “King of Long Island” for the way that he has been able to dominate the Latin music scene in the area.

When asked about how he got his name as “King of Long Island,” Valentino said that he became one of the first promoters to bring big name Latin artists to the Long Island entertainment scene.

“I brought big names such as Don Omar, Pitbull, Prince Royce, Nina Sky and Tego Calderon just to name a few,” he said. “Since then, I managed every major Latin night club on long island in the past decade, meeting thousands of people every year.”

Now, the artist has all eyes on him as he makes his next move into the music industry as an artist. With his aggressive bars and lyrical flow, Valentino stands out as an original musician who truly has his own sound. His first album Multiple Personality is a testament to his talent and shows how effortlessly the art of weaving together a song comes to him. The project is seven tracks long, and features standouts such as “Blah Blah” and “Blow My High.” Each of those tracks display a side of Valentino that people have not seen before, while offering something completely new to the music industry.

When asked how he would describe his sound to people who are not familiar with it, Valentino responded that he believes he “sounds like two completely different people.”

“I’d like to think I’m two artists in one,” Valentino said in an interview. “That’s why I called my first project Multiple Personality. I rap and I sing. I’d describe my rap voice as powerful with a lot of vibrato. My singing voice is calm and soulful. If you didn’t know me or you weren’t a fan of me, you would say that I sound like two completely different people. On my track ‘Blow My High,’ for example, I rap the verses and sing the hooks.”

Speaking more about the album, Valentino described his creative process.

“I hear multiple voices in my head when writing my lyrics,” he stated. “I can literally write two songs to the same beat easily almost every time. I hear a clear distinct rap voice. A big, boisterous, and super aggressive voice, but I also hear an R&B voice, a calm, deep and soulful voice. That is why I decided to call my album Multiple Personality. This album is a collection of one of the voices in my head.”

While this album is only an introduction to his talent, his plan is to eventually release Multiple Personality Vol. 2, which will feature another voice from his head. But mostly, he thinks that he will let fans decide which voice they like best and then continue in that direction.

“I know it sounds crazy but it will make sense when you hear it,” Valentino explained.

He ultimately became a music artist because he grew up surrounded by music for most of his life, in addition to wanting to share his talent with the entire world.

Check out Richie Valentino’s debut project Multiple Personality now streaming on all platforms, and follow him on social media.

Instagram: @kingoflongisland_
Google Knowledge Page:

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Nikko Tesla ‘Black Hill Ave II’ (Album)





















Nikko Tesla announces the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Black Hill Ave II.’  The 12-track project embodies a variety of moods from throwback vibes, enticing tracks for the ladies, street anthems, and innovative blends for Hip Hop heads to embrace regardless of age.

“Black Hill Ave II is a soulful walk through the inner city, full of raw emotion”

The album features an elite selection of multifaceted artists including Notes82, Shea Barz, Scrilla Gambino, Stephanie Robinson, Geallo, Fancy Lafare, X-Yle, and Nik Moody. The production, no two tracks the same, heightens Tesla’s lyrical miskeen and journey through Black Hill Ave, which molded Tesla into the man and artist he is today.  The kaleidoscopes of instruments, bass, and cadences are soul gripping and sure to wake up the senses.

Nikko Tesla’s intricate wordplay weaves an autobiographical tale, incomparable in deliverance and impression. Listen to the full album and connect with Nikko Tesla below.

Black Hill Ave II on preferred platforms

Nikko Tesla on Facebook – Nikko Tesla Music | Instagram @innikkowetrust | Twitter @nikko_tesla

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(EP) B3hree – Truth Hurts ft Cool Nutz (Produced by TOPE) @B3hree454 @itsTOPE @CoolNutz





San Francisco rapper B3hree was on a tear all 2020 releasing music and visuals and continues his hot streak with his new EP “Truth Hurts,” available now on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and more. Produced entirely by Portland/Oakland artist TOPE, B3hree gives us smooth flows, vicious wordplay, and plenty of free game over the soulful and mobby production. Entering the rap game with his freshmen release, Death Of A Salesman – B3hree has kept his foot on the gas with the recently released Cradle 2 The Grave album with Napalm, as well as appearing all over The Pare Tape by DJ Sonz and a string of dope singles released recently.

On “Truth Hurts” B3hree shows us his lyrical capabilities and song-writing skills continue to grow with every release. Opening up the EP with “Truth Hurts Radio,” TOPE and B3hree have a little fun in the studio while keeping the bars to a high standard. On “Run It Up” B3hree shows us how to make a few dollars and keep it in the circle while maneuvering his flow over the nasty bassline. Be sure to check out the Official Music Video for “Run It Up” featuring cameos from Nump, Alien Mac Kitty, DJ Sonz, and much more. Also, check out the all-star remix for “Run It Up” featuring verses from NW Hip Hop legend Cool Nutz and the man behind the beats, TOPE. Songs like “Ceiling Fan” and “All Day” are also standouts, showing B3hree’s craftiness on the mic, sneaking in punchlines and bars at every corner. Only his second solo release, Truth Hurts” is a testament to the work B3hree has been putting in on his craft in the studio and in the community to make sure his impact is felt.

Be sure to check out B3hree on Instagram for updates on new “Truth Hurts” merchandise, his new website, and the Official Music Video for the “Run It Up” Remix all dropping soon!

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