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Richie Valentino Displays Creative Talent on Recent Project ‘Multiple Personality’



Richie Valentino

Richie Valentino is somebody you want to keep on your radar. The well-known concert and nightclub promoter is now paving his own lane in music, and is proving his capability as an artist on his debut project Multiple Personality which just dropped last month. The Long Island native is known locally as the “King of Long Island” for the way that he has been able to dominate the Latin music scene in the area.

When asked about how he got his name as “King of Long Island,” Valentino said that he became one of the first promoters to bring big name Latin artists to the Long Island entertainment scene.

“I brought big names such as Don Omar, Pitbull, Prince Royce, Nina Sky and Tego Calderon just to name a few,” he said. “Since then, I managed every major Latin night club on long island in the past decade, meeting thousands of people every year.”

Now, the artist has all eyes on him as he makes his next move into the music industry as an artist. With his aggressive bars and lyrical flow, Valentino stands out as an original musician who truly has his own sound. His first album Multiple Personality is a testament to his talent and shows how effortlessly the art of weaving together a song comes to him. The project is seven tracks long, and features standouts such as “Blah Blah” and “Blow My High.” Each of those tracks display a side of Valentino that people have not seen before, while offering something completely new to the music industry.

When asked how he would describe his sound to people who are not familiar with it, Valentino responded that he believes he “sounds like two completely different people.”

“I’d like to think I’m two artists in one,” Valentino said in an interview. “That’s why I called my first project Multiple Personality. I rap and I sing. I’d describe my rap voice as powerful with a lot of vibrato. My singing voice is calm and soulful. If you didn’t know me or you weren’t a fan of me, you would say that I sound like two completely different people. On my track ‘Blow My High,’ for example, I rap the verses and sing the hooks.”

Speaking more about the album, Valentino described his creative process.

“I hear multiple voices in my head when writing my lyrics,” he stated. “I can literally write two songs to the same beat easily almost every time. I hear a clear distinct rap voice. A big, boisterous, and super aggressive voice, but I also hear an R&B voice, a calm, deep and soulful voice. That is why I decided to call my album Multiple Personality. This album is a collection of one of the voices in my head.”

While this album is only an introduction to his talent, his plan is to eventually release Multiple Personality Vol. 2, which will feature another voice from his head. But mostly, he thinks that he will let fans decide which voice they like best and then continue in that direction.

“I know it sounds crazy but it will make sense when you hear it,” Valentino explained.

He ultimately became a music artist because he grew up surrounded by music for most of his life, in addition to wanting to share his talent with the entire world.

Check out Richie Valentino’s debut project Multiple Personality now streaming on all platforms, and follow him on social media.

Instagram: @kingoflongisland_
Google Knowledge Page:

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Staying true to real Hip Hop, artist J-Carter releases “Hip Hop Till I Die”



A man of the people, the music and the traditions of Hip Hop itself, J-Carter is an East Coast rapper set on maintaining the history and culture of Hip Hop. Recently, he has released his fourth album “Hip Hop Till I Die” with 48 tracks, each one presenting its own story and sound. It is truly a work of passion created for those who are just as in love with the music as he is.

Beginning at a young age, Carter has long been an avid writer. “I kinda just fell into it. You know what I’m saying, I was young. I just started writing. I couldn’t put the pen down. So it’s kind of like it’s in my blood, it’s in my DNA to make music.” Music was something that seemed to come easily to him. “I don’t try. This stuff just comes to me. I can be sitting there in a store and all of a sudden a song will just come to me and I have to find a piece of paper and write it down before I lose it.”

Carter believes that Hip Hop has strayed from its original definition. “It seems to me that the genre has strayed a little bit from what traditional Hip Hop is. You know what I mean? That realness that comes from the streets and the powers that be, I think now it’s gone away from that.” This belief is why he decided to create “Hip Hop Till I Die.” “I’m doing it for the people. For Hip Hop … For that traditional Hip Hop that people fell in love with.”

The original plan for “Hip Hop Till I Die” was that it was only supposed to have 26 songs, still a larger project than many other albums available today, but almost half the size of the finished product. Carter accredits this to his creativity and excitement about the music that he was making. “I just kept making songs that we’re so good I couldn’t leave them off. I have so much to say and my album… Every song tells a story of its own.”

In Carter’s opinion, success in his career is not defined by his streams, followers or fanbase, but rather, by his ability to create and put together music that he can be proud of on his own. “Real success comes when that song comes to you and you put it down on paper and record it in the studio and then put it all together and you get that finished product. That comes out as success whether you have millions of fans or you’ve only got one. An artist does it because they love it.”

With what is now four albums released, Carter is able to reflect on the music he’s created and what it has done for him and for his audience. “I’m that rapper who spits for the people. That’s the theme, that’s always been my theme. Take Hip Hop on. The theme is keeping Hip Hop in the music. Keeping the realness for the people…” He is truly an artist who strives to make music for the people who are true lovers of the genre and culture of Hip Hop.

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R – All or Everything




R is a Bronx-bred Dominican lyricist. His new 15 track LP has a plethora of different sounds that are sure to satisfy every type of fan. Clocking in at 45 minutes, “All Or Everything” is a treat for R fans. On this album, you have everything from hard-hitting drill beats to conscious raps. R’s focus was to show his versatility and shine a light on what makes him different. With lead singles like “Timeless” and “Purple Clouds,” it was clear that he was on a mission. R’s music is focused and does not lose sight of what is happening in the world today.

His project displays his ability to jump into various pockets to deliver good music. His long-standing engineer Roctimus Prime is his equivalent to what 40 is to Drake. R enjoys being able to stay loyal to his engineer, and it has paid off. His project has a few singles doing well on playlists, and the momentum is only going up. Check out his complete project below to see why many people are screaming that the Bronx has something to say.

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