Tee Dot Ohh ( or T.O ) is From the Bronx, Ny. The young artist has been writing rhymes and songs for about 4 years now and doesn’t seem of slowing. If you have never heard him, listeners of T.O often say he sounds like a young Fabolous and/or Jay-z. T.O Has performed in multiple areas around NYC such as Webster Hall (COAST2COAST MIXTAPES), Headlining Fashion Meets Music Showcase at Club Katra , Competing in The Green Space Battle of the Boroughs just to name a few. T.O’s talent was noticed and one of his songs were placed on 105.1 DJ TY-BOOGIEs Mixtape. Working on and releasing multiple mixtapes T.O released his best work on datpiff.com called ” The Highlight Series ” vol.1 on November 2nd 2013. Shooting several Music videos and posting them all over Youtube. Currently at the age of 21, T.O has so many big goals planned for the near future and hopes to make his family proud.


TeeDotOhh : N.O.M Video

TeeDotOhh : Bronx Finest Video

TeeDotOhh : Fuck Up The World Video

The Highlight Series Mixtape: http://www.datpiff.com/Tee-Dot-Ohh-The-Highlight-Series-mixtape.546613.html
Inquiry: TeeDotOhh@gmail.com
Instagram: @Teedotohh_nbm
Twitter: @_YoungOhh
Facebook: @Tee Dot Ohh

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