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Why Artists Need To Look Into Social 10 Minute Bitcoin Media Management By Robert Anderson



Social Media is everywhere. just about every person has at least one social media platform they use on a daily basis. and for artist this is a goldmine. social media is a promotion/marketing platform and a way to connect to their fans, but a lot of artists don’t use social media effectively, an a lot of times it does more harm tan good. how many times have you seen an artist get in trouble for 10 Minute Bitcoin something they post on their social media? a LOT right because social media is such a personal thing to them, most artist will opt to run it themselves. but as an artist you are a BUSINESS as well, and as a business you are held to a certain standard and to meet that standard sometimes you may have to relinquish control. this is where Social Media Management comes in.

What Is Social Media Management?
Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating, publishing, and analyzing content you post. Managing social media also includes engaging and interacting with social media users. so basically a SMM will come in, analyze the artists account and see where they need work. sometimes is creating content, other times is about engaging fans. SMMs help artists grow their accounts by creating content(pictures, videos, reels, stories, etc.) engaging fans (commenting and answering questions) and coming up with strategies for things like how to use hashtags and finding the best times to post. some will also help give their platforms a consistent look. without having to do all of these things all the time it gives the artist more time to do what they do best and that’s create. not that the artist wont have to do work on it as well. the bottom line is that as an artist your fans want to see YOU what you are doing, and what you are into, they want to connect with just more than your music.

Why Does An Artist Need A Social Media Manager When They Are First Starting Out?
Your social presence is the leading force in promoting your music. your social media is a BIG part of your BRANDING. (Yes, you are now a brand) and how your brand is portrayed could be i big factor in your success, so you want to make sure its as consistent as possible. and you want to be able to do it on multiple platforms. and as you and your brand grows, so will your social media platforms and strategies. and a good SMM will help you with that growth. its another part of your team you should think about adding. like a good engineer or manager a social media manager will work WITH you to put out the best version of you for your fans.

What To Look For In A Social Media Manager.
Not All social media managers are the same. some specialize in one or 2 platforms, and others take a more general approach. here are a few things to consider/ look out for when you are looking for a social media manager.

FIRST you have to figure out YOUR goals. why are you getting a SMM in the first place? Are you trying to book more gigs?
Get A larger following? Get More streams? Knowing this information will help you steer campaign objectives and your social media manager in the right direction.

now you have to make sure your SMM can help you meet those goals. Most SMMs will monitor comments, set up accounts, schedule posts and even help with online brand development, but not every manager will be able to help you promote merchandise, run contests and/or sell tickets online. This is important to consider since many of the aspects of brand management that were once separate from social media are now integrated into the platforms themselves. So make sure your SMM has all the skills you require! this includes setting up platform based merch stores and running paid ads.

Can They Control Multiple and New Channels?

Just because a social media manager is successful on one platform, does not mean that their skills will always translate to other channels.
A good SMM will have proven themselves on all the major platforms, and also have their eye on the ones on the rise.
It is important to be able to cross-promote and generate multi-channel buzz around your music, as well as be able to pivot over to any new channels. so can they run a promo ad on Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube and integrate your music in a Tik Tok vid?

At the end of they day your social media is a reflection of YOU and YOUR BRAND and a good SMM is a great teammate to have because you are not an expert on social media, they are, but NOBODY can tell your story better than you. so the combination of bout will hep you grow your brand and get your music out to more people.

Robert Anderson Is an artist and producer. he also owns and operates Big Boss Ent , A Promotional company for artists and REA Social Media Management, a standalone social media management firm catering to music artists. you can check out REA  Social Medias Instagram HERE

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Meet Rising Toronto Musician Natalie Reign



IMG_6129 (1)

Natalie Reign is a musician from Toronto, Canada, who is passionate about her profession and wants to use it to make a difference in people’s lives. Natalie Monchis is her real name, but she uses the stage name “Natalie Reign” to remind herself and others of the necessity of starting with the right mindset in order to succeed in life.

“I had been struggling for quite some time to find an artist name that represented me, my music, and the message I wanted to portray to my audience,” explains Natalie about how she landed with her pen name. “By fluke, the word Reign, which symbolizes royalty, power, and strength, came to me. The name is a reminder for myself and my listeners to believe in ourselves and to push through life to help us build confidence and resilience.”

Natalie is most known for her last hit, “Royal,” now she’s back with “Lose Your Mind,” her new single. The latter was created in collaboration with TVGUCCI, a renowned musical artist and OVO affiliate, and has begun to acquire traction on different music platforms. It’s an energetic tune that demonstrates Reign’s versatility as an artist by demonstrating her ability to create a variety of sounds.

Natalie Reign has always loved music and dancing since she was a child. Her Russian background simply added to her ability to sing and twirl wherever she went. The artist’s family recollections include a lot of singing because Russian-style celebrations always included live music and dancing. She also grew up listening to ABBA, Boney M, and other musical giants from the 1980s. “Overall, I feel my upbringing has impacted my view on life, my open-mindedness, pushed me to experiment with new sounds, and given me a tremendous respect for arts in general,” Natalie adds.

Natalie Reign did not begin her musical career until 2017. She began as an artist brand under her own name, but subsequently added the term “Reign,” which has proven to be a significant addition. Her music is mostly influenced by afro, rap, hip hop, and R&B. Despite having a fear of public speaking as a child, Natalie has learnt to embrace the spotlight and shine, as seen by her current single, “Lose Your Mind,” featuring TVGUCCI.

Natalie Reign tells how the collaboration occurred unexpectedly but has turned into an amazing gem of a track when discussing about her current hit. TVGUCCI happened to be the next in line to record while working on “Lose Your Mind” with her sound engineer at Abstract Studios. The music celebrity took the next spot, but surprised everyone by asking to perform Natalie’s song and even adding a full verse of his own. Natalie Reign remembers, “I was in utter astonishment and was shocked that he had loved the song so much that he wanted to jump on it.” “As a last thought, anticipate the unexpected.”

Natalie hopes to create more music that appeals to individuals from all walks of life. She presently works in the criminal justice system during the day and writes music on the side. On Instagram and Spotify, you can follow Natalie Reign and her music to keep up with her journey.

Stream “Lose Your Mind” ft. TVGUCCI below.


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Chelzzz – Poseidon



South Florida artist showcases genre-bending sound on latest hit single ‘Poseidon’ 

MIAMI, FL – Up-and-coming artist Chelzzz is shaping the underground industry while soaring to the top with her recipe of intricate beats, bars for days and a voice that can’t be replicated. This South Florida active, event curator and promoter is not your typical female artist. This lesbian entertainer quite literally bends gender specifics with every release, and her latest single “Poseidon” is no exception.  

Born from the very public divorce she’s currently going through, the song is Chelzzz’s attempt to be more vulnerable and give listeners and fans and inside peek at what’s going on in her life. With an aggressive flow of lyrics, Chelzzz encourages listeners of her music to get busy and have a good time, while also showcasing a super versatile style that has been her trademark since bursting onto the scene five years ago. 

“I sing and rap, I’m high energy, and yet I can be very relatable, as well,” Chelzzz said. “I’m also a female artist who writes lines that are more provocative toward women. I don’t exploit women like a lot of other artists do. Being a feminine is important, but not a single one of my tracks are the same. I have one song about moving to South Florida and what I’ve gone through. I have another one that was written when all the stimulus checks were dropping. And ‘Poseidon’ is about a relationship. Everything is really different, but most of the time my music is more upbeat and more party stuff.” 

Chelzzz has been releasing music as a professional artist since 2016. Serving as the primary visionary behind all her projects, she has quickly become known among industry insiders as an artist who not only delivers great music but also brings high-quality and entertaining videos to the table. Both her writing and visuals create stories that relate to audiences all over the world.  

At the beginning of 2021 Chelzzz released her first album “Somehwere In Miami,” inspired by her journey from her hometown of Detroit to Miami. In the album Chelzzz showcases her unique and captivating town, which is a mixture of a Midwest swag and South Florida vibes. She’s been hard at work since that releasing putting together more singles, which she is now ready to release over the course of the next few months. 

“I like being different and capitalizing off my own strengths,” she said. “I like switching things up and not being stuck in one box or genre. I think that’s super important for artists, and people as a whole, to see. Don’t let yourself be labeled as one thing or let society dictate who you are. My music shares that message, and more than anything that’s the biggest mark I want to make on the world.” 

“Poseidon” is currently available across all streaming platforms. Chelzzz said she plans to follow that with another single called “Monster” sometime in October in anticipation of the Halloween holiday.


To listen to Chelzzz’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links:

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