Known professionally as Silva, this multitalented personality has taken New York City by storm as a hostess and media contributor as well as event coordinator. Some of the other hats she wears includes public influencer, curator and overall entrepreneur. A proud Haitian-American woman, Silva has been creative and outspoken for as long as she can remember.  Her friendly aura makes her personable and her work ethic substantiates everything she has been blessed with. Empowering others to be themselves, Silva is one whom definitely epitomizes the term “worldly.”


Writing poetic compositions at the age of 8, Silva became increasingly comfortable with communicating both her thoughts and feelings; an attribute that has helped her as a female in today’s entertainment industry.  Her love for music allows her to relate to the artists who perform at the shows she hosts and also affords her the opportunity to contribute creatively to the roster housed by MorValue Entertainment. Groomed by a family where virtually everyone is musically inclined, Silva relies on that strong lineage and her personal skill set in instruments such as saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, and djembe. Silva is even proficient in protools.


Today as the CEO of A Silva Lining Productions and Founder of HeArt|Soul: The Art Exhibition Silva has been approached with brand ambassadorship for Empress Lipstick and Fashion by Broadway, as well positions as Executive Officer/ Partner of Social Gawdz LLC, Co-Host of Tha 4our Radio Station with Bino McLaughlin, Co-Host of Lethal Lipz Podcast with Slim and Chellz; all off of her charm and prowess for getting the job done.


With so much on her plate, her ambition invites more as Silva looks forward building her brand and using her voice for the voiceless caught in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.


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Catch Silva At the Daze Summit April 2-April 11 in NYC