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Sevyn Streeter, one of Chris Brown‘s newest talented artists on his CBE label, is proving to the masses that her pipes are worthy to be listened to.  She covered the late Aaliyah‘s "Come Over."  So decide inside if you’re loving it…

This 26-year-old Florida native isn’t new to the music scene, but she is new to the solo scene.  Now that she’s making her solo debut after her time in the group RichGirl, Sevyn’s proving why she’s a fresh face we’ve gotta watch.

Since Aaliyah was one of her biggest musical inspirations growing up, Sevyn recently recorded a cover for the late singer’s song "Come Over."

While recently out on a promo tour, Sevyn made a trip to Aaliyah’s high school in Detroit and saw how much impact one artist can have on generations to come.  So she penned an open letter to Aaliyah (which she posted on her site) about how big of an inspiration the singer was to her.  She said in part:

"You made us feel comfortable in our own skin…we feel just as comfortable in our sweats and sneakers as we do in our jeans and heel….Putting in the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack–and learning the choreography to "Are You That Somebody" on the porch….That’s what you did.  You made us all feel like we were good enough to be you.”


Check out the rest over on her website and a pic below:

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And we’ve got the exclusive premiere of Sevyn’s cover of "Come Over" below.  And we think even true Aaliyah fans would be impressed:

You feeling it?


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