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BET American Gangster: Trap Queens star Shontel Greene set to release Highly anticipated book



BET+ Originals American Gangster: Trap Queens Season 3 Shontel Greene

The unforgiving urban environment of Baltimore City has produced many prolific individuals. From Elite athletes and actors to legendary entertainers and musicians, Baltimore’s unique street culture and demographic structure churn out individuals who seem impervious to the volatile ebb and flow of inner-city life. Many have overcome insurmountable challenges and have succeeded as a result but no one has a story quite like Shontel Greene’s. The product of a pair of drug-addicted parents, Shontel made the decision to become a drug dealer at the impressionable age of 14. Though her environment repeatedly affirmed that her life expectancy may not stretch beyond her late teenage years, she consciously decided that she would defy the odds and secure a future beyond the dilapidated streets she hustled on. Shontel set clear goals and through her determination, she would go on to follow her dreams and become a registered nurse, like her mother, before her fall to heroin. Shontel’s accomplishments hardly end after her entry into the Nursing world, she currently holds a Masters Degree in Nursing and is in graduate school at LaSalle University, seven months away from her (DNP) Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. She is set to receive her degree in May 2023 Academic pursuits aside, Shontel currently owns two businesses. The first, More Than Just Friends Adult Medical Day Center, serves as a wholesome space to host patients throughout the day with medication therapy, as well as activities and events meant to keep them mentally and physically strong. The second, Nursez R Us, is a residential service agency providing adult dependent care to qualifying citizens in the state of Maryland. 95% of clients come from the underserved population of those receiving state Medicaid and federal Medicare assistance. As a multi million-dollar business, Nursez R Us ranked #96 in Black Enterprise two years in a row for one of the largest growing Black-owned businesses. As a self-published author, her book, MASTERMIND Born A Statistic, Determined To Die A Winner! Goes live August of 2022 make sure you order and purchase her new book going to be a New York Times Best Seller.

Nursez R Us
Baltimore, MD 21202

Shontel Greene



Rawrrzone Lifestyle : A look into B.A.L Cosmetics Co. & Their CEO Roberta Lampley aka Venomiss



  • The music industry let alone the hip-hop scene is a highly competitive place, since the rise of the genre in the 1970s women have had to work twice as hard to make a dynasty. We have seen Nikki Minaj, Meg The Stallion, Eve, Missy Elliot and more make contributions to the industry and produce amazing products. However, the media does not do enough to highlight females in the hip-hop industry. Allow us to re-introduce to you to Roberta Lampley aka Venomiss.

    We were introduced to Venomiss back in 2018 after the release of her project No Favors , No Regrets, No Apologies where we learned how deadly her pen really was. What we didn’t know was there was another side to the International performer. In the height of the pandemic, Lampley didn’t lay in wait for the world to open up to make a difference she started right away with a dream and a pallette. B.A.L Cosmetics was born within the first half of the pandemic with one goal in mind to amplify their mission “Women do not come in just 3 colors, shapes and sizes.” The brand was created for the modern women to empower them to turn off the responsibilities and turn on the fire inside them to work on their confidence and their love for themselves.

    With over 10,000 hits on their website and two years Lampley and B.A.L Cosmetics have become a household name creating an army of #BoldBabes . Bold Babes are the women who have been positively impacted by the brand and its mission. Women everywhere have been using the phrase #boldbabes in order to show off their glow and the positive feelings the brand has given to them. Some notable #Boldbabes include Dr. Casay Vaughn of Franchise TV and Radio , Jasmine Sanders, and more.

    But is it just the products that make the bold babe, or is it the motto?

    The magic behind this is the thought and dedication that Lampley has put into each product. With the motto there are more than three shapes and sizes the same with color. She has taken the time with her customers and developed lashes, foundation, palettes and lipsticks that compliment women of every color and size. Speaking from experience, we never seen a CEO that will take the time to help figure out what foundation will be right for the client, or even dedicate time and products to collaborate with other businesses. The magic of the brand is all Lampley, she has put the needs of her clients before her own. Even in her darkest she still continues to help empower other women. Not only that she continues to innovate the brand not only by making products that are safe for us to wear, but respect the values and restrictions and of course any allergies. The lip products are halal certified and vegan friendly. For those who do not know what that is A Halal certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law. The lip products also contain vitamin E for lip conditioning and softening and their skin and body products contain natural ingredients giving the consumer the ultimate experience.

    With B.A.L Cosmetics Co. is reaching their two year Brandiversary it only is appropriate for us to give Roberta Aka Venomiss the roses she deserves. The industry needs more women like her to continue empowering women to love themselves instead of tearing it down.

    Here’s how you can support Bal Cosmetics

    Shop Products at

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    Sin City Thrilla – The Future of Vegas Entertainment



    Alex Jernigan, better known by his stage name “Sin City Thrilla,” has quietly taken the Las Vegas entertainment scene by storm over the last several years. His innovative marketing techniques combined with his team’s demographic targeting has allowed them to work with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop such as Rod Wave, Lil Durk, Shordie Shordie, Kalan.FRFR, TeeFlii, Bryson Tiller, BLXST, Keyshia Cole, Kenndog, AMBJaay, GirlzLuhDev, and more.

    While he is quickly becoming known as a DJ for big shows he spends more time working with sports teams to produce their entertainment. From his work with the Raiders and UNLV he has quickly expanded into new ventures with the likes of the NBA, Mountain West Conference, Shrine Bowl and more. When we spoke with him it was clear that he is passionate about producing games in a way that engages the crowd while giving the players the best chance to succeed. For UNLV that includes bringing back the famed “Gucci Row” by having local stars return to the venue.

    The most interesting aspect of his career is the work he puts on behind the scenes however. From managing artists, producing multimedia content, and working on brand marketing he truly has his hands in almost every entertainment aspect in the city. Currently he is working on a Vegas themed album to showcase the talent that lives beyond the strip. In his own words he said that it is the most important project that he has ever worked on. We can’t wait to see how this project develops and the impact that it has. If there is anything that we have learned watching him grow over the past few years, he will be someone that has a lasting impact on Las Vegas.

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    Nicole Monay Is Creating Change Within Entrepreneurship with “Brandifi”



    Nicole Monay, like others, noticed a problem within the black community for black women entrepreneurs. Black women are the highest to create black businesses, but only a small percentage of these businesses will mature. Black women entrepreneurs are struggling to sustain their businesses. Although there are a few reasons for this, such as capital and crowded competitive contexts, Nicole noticed a problem yet to be recognized. While working one-on-one with multiple black women entrepreneurs with her company Brandifi, she saw that many of her clients, mainly black women in business, would skip the necessary steps needed before starting a business.

    What’s being skipped? The common trend Nicole Monay saw was a business owner coming up with an idea and, without proper research, diving into making a logo, a website, and then… crickets. They would then get discouraged, not know what they did wrong, and move on to something else or give up completely. Nicole Monay wanted to create free resources for businesses to understand what’s needed before diving into what she calls “The Pretty Stuff.” She developed not only a free online course, but an ebook and a Youtube channel educating business owners on Brand Development. Teaching women in business that branding is not just the pretty stuff you see. It’s about understanding your audience, the problem, and how you as a business owner plan to solve the audience’s problem differently.

    Nicole Monay’s entrepreneur journey started when she got let go from her job, which was indeed a blessing in disguise. Before laying the foundation of her venture, she promised that she would use her journey to provide opportunities to minorities and women of color. This was her empathic decision-making as a founder. Eventually, I founded Brandifi with a lot of love and a change-making vision”. Brandifi is derived from the word ‘Brand’, which has strong associations with employing creativity to attract customers. Brandifi created a platform that is designed to fill any brand technical skills gap—for any small business to large companies. Their services include logo packaging, web designing, and personalized coaching as well. There’s a personalized touch in work done at Brandifi. Attempts are made to tell the story of the brand through the designing process.

    Founded and majorly based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Brandifi was created for both small businesses and large corporations. Recognized as “The Top Design Firm”, Brandifi is highly sought after because of its one-stop shop for marketing and unique designs. Created with a broad range and game-changing vision in mind, the company’s sole objective is to meet the needs of targeted consumer markets. Such markets are typically tasked with developing an identity and business personality for their brand. Such identities are created through an undeniable personalized touch through logo packaging, product packaging, web design, and customizable coaching.

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