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Anna Nyakana Is A Black Woman Creating Change On All Cylinders Of Entertainment




Award-winning best selling author, speaker, producer, & songwriter Anna Nyakana continues to be a leading example of where hard work and determination can get you. From influencing the masses in education to using her voice to spark change through song and literature, this Connecticut based creative  has caught the attention of prominent media source such as SiriusXM, Entercom Radio, FOX, FOX Soul, PopFuzion TV, NBC CT, ABC WTNH, FOX 61, Connecticut Magazine, and Sheen Magazine.

Nyakana is a true trailblazer. All of her Devine efforts and hard work has laid the foundation for her Niyah Zuri movement, in which she motivates and uplifts youth, women, and all individuals to inspire them to “live purposefully” on their paths through various speaking engagements. Being a mother, she truly understand the importance of having content suitable for all ages. It makes total sense as to why the Connecticut star has created an incredible children books series titled  “Niyah Zuri” series. By doing this, she has created a unique way of staying connected to her children and children around the world.

With a hand any many successful ventures Anna Nyakana continues to raise the bar higher and higher. Currently she is thriving in the space of hosting! Set to host the 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV special on Fox, as well as the 2nd Annual Elm City Lit Fest September 11 & 12, she simply cannot lose. Tory Lanez even approves of Nyakana expertise as she is also set to host his Live Benefit Concert later this year.

To learn more about Anna Nyakana be sure to follow her on Instagram @niyah_zuri.

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