ways to use deodorant

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Body odor is something we all experience, but hate talking about. Today, let’s boldly address that dreadful topic.

Most of us automatically apply deodorant as a way to avoid sweaty underarms. Even with its many downfalls (clumps, shirt stains, etc.), antiperspirant has been accepted as a must have for general body maintenance. Here’s the frustrating part: it’s also terrible for your skin, like counterfeit makeup and faulty SPF products.

For months, I’ve been hearing friends rave about vegan beauty in general, but more specifically, deodorant cream. Personally, the idea of cream in my armpits has always seemed gross, so naturally, I remained skeptical. However, I’m also an adventurous gal, so test driving the latest craze is a must.

ways to use deodorant

For the past week or so, I’ve been using Meow Meow Tweet’s Deodorant Cream. It comes in a super cute jar that can go from the vanity to your purse everyday. The cream itself looks more like a gel, which immediately put me at ease because I need consistency that won’t melt down my arm. Unlike your “mainstream” deodorant, just a smidge of cream is required, unless you perspire at abnormal levels.

The scent itself is very light and summery; don’t be surprised if someone asks what perfume you’re wearing. It has major lasting power; I recall having to reapply just once on a warmer day. Say goodbye to nasty underarm stains and clumping because the cream practically dissolves just minutes after application; you might even forget you’re wearing it!

Are you convinced yet? If not, see what Meow Meow Tweet’s Tara Pelletier told us about wearing cruelty deodorant:

Deodorant ingredients to steer clear of:
One is aluminum compounds such as aluminum zirconium and aluminum chlorohydrate which temporarily plug the pores and prevent sweating. The absorption of aluminum compounds into the skin and accumulation within the body has been linked to various neurological disorders, breast cancer and kidney disease. These claims haven’t been proven but it might be worthwhile to note that your body sweats for a reason, to maintain body temperature and to flush toxins. Without knowing for certain, doesn’t it make sense not to disrupt a natural bodily function?
Another one is parabens, which are used as preservatives in some body care products. Parabens are said to mimic estrogen and have been linked to breast cancer. Again, while there are no conclusive studies, you can pick and choose your products to avoid these. If the product does not contain any water, it doesn’t necessarily need a preservative if you use by the recommended use-by date.
Lastly, ingredients like propylene glycol, triclosan and fragrance are also present in many mainstream deodorants and can irritate the skin.
Biggest misconceptions about vegan beauty:
A misconception that we encounter about vegan beauty is that it isn’t luxurious, effective or decadent. Not true! There are a ton of brands making amazing formulations that are high-end and beautiful, that also work! It’s also possible to use completely green products that are also vegan. You don’t have to trade one for the other…Wouldn’t one rather not harm another living thing for their own self care? We’re so fortunate to have the option to use cruelty free that it doesn’t make sense not to.
Still not convinced?! Like your “regular” deodorant, vegan cream is also multi-functional. Keep reading for 5 different ways to use your deodorant.     

Underarms (Obviously)

ways to use deodorant
Photo: StyleBlazer
Avoid stinky pits like the plague!

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