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There is so much intrigued these days when it comes to Korean beauty.

For centuries women of North and South Korea have been using natural techniques to perfect their skin, nails and hair– and with a more globalized society, the rest of us are just becoming privy to this genius.

In an effort to make us less ignorant, a few Korean women have created beauty websites where a wealth of knowledge can be found on everything from recovery masks to slapping one’s face. Literally.

So we talked to Angela Kim, founder of Insider Beauty, a Korean e-commerce destination, to learn more about everyone’s obsession with Korean beauty and what makes it so unique.

On Korean beauty tricks she learned as a child: “My mom is an avid face slapper. Or more appropriately, she pats her face… hard. I remember growing up, watching her finish her skincare regimen by slapping her skin up a hundred times each night. Every. Night. Doing this every single night not only improves blood circulation but is known to firm your skin, resulting in less wrinkles and sagging over time. I look at her now and see how she has aged gracefully over the years – the truth is in the pudding!”

On all natural or DIY tips and tricks that get rid of unexpected breakouts: “The anti-bacterial qualities of honey make it a perfect DIY solution for those with unexpected breakouts. Manuka honey in particular has an even higher percentage of antimicrobial properties and to reduce inflammation and fight redness. After cleansing, apply it on your acne spots and let it sit for 20 minutes every day until it goes away.”

On three Korean food and drink items that double as great beauty products: “Sea Kelp is a huge ingredient in Korean cuisine and is traditionally eaten to celebrate birthdays. Because the ingredient is rich in iron and iodone, many women also eat this daily after giving birth for it’s nutrient-dense qualities. Kelp is now becoming a trending ingredient in skincare for its hydrating and anti-aging benefits and is now commonly used in different types of masks. TonyMoly’s Earth Beauty Kelp Mask Sheet is an innovative sheet mask made of real sea kelp enriched in sea minerals and nutrients and will leave your skin feeling supple and glowing. Innisfree’s Sea Kelp Mask Pods are little capsules filled with kelp extract that will heat up after you apply. The warming sensation will help open up your pores so that your skin can instantly reap its benefits. These wash-off masks can be used up to 2-3 times.

Ginkgo Leaf is also a popular herb that is known to help with blood circulation, fight free radicals, and improve cognition. Applied topically, it’s known for its anti-aging benefits, increase in your skin’s moisture content and reduction in redness and inflammation. Our Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream is a enriched with gingko leaf extract and sea kelp to deeply moisturize and brighten the eye area.

Ginseng is also considered a huge health superfood in Korea and is infused in various dishes like chicken soup also known as ‘samgyetang,’ tea, and supplements. Chock-full of antioxidants, it’s known to help reduce stress, boost immunity, and lower cholesterol. Many Korean skincare companies have found the benefits of ginseng when applied topically for its anti-aging and skin-regenerating qualities.”

On her recommendations for dry winter skin:Our Leaders Coconut Gel Moisturizing Recovery Masks are perfect for those who are combating dull and dry winter skin. They’re infused with 100 percent natural fermented coconut juice and the effects are amazing. Other sheet masks are difficult to keep on and constantly slide off but this one adheres perfectly to your skin with no slippage. Your skin will receive an instant boost of hydration and glow, and the best part is that unlike other masks out in the market, these are free of parabens. The sheet itself is made from 100 percent natural fabric and retinas 10 times more water density than generic non-woven ones – this means more hydration is transferred to your skin. We also recommend Missha’s Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Gel Mask.”

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