tokyo-fashion-week-street-style12 Photo: Instagram/@mishajanette When it comes to street style, no city is as diverse as Tokyo.

With subculture after subculture permeating the fashion sense of its residents, the street style looks of the guys and girls we spotted during Tokyo Fashion Week ranged from Harajuku girls to designer punk to urban chic.

What makes Tokyo street style so distinct is the individuality and trend-resistant approach to fashion. You won’t find people wearing the same thing, or a “most popular” handbag or shoe taking the city by storm. It is all about telling a story through your clothes, and usually the bright the better.

tokyo-fashion-week-street-style11 Photo: Instagram 

If you are ever lacking in #OOTD inspiration, Tokyo is the first place you should look. It is more than anime characters brought to life. Mixing and matching high and low fashion is a trick of the trade in Japan, where Chanel meets Nike, and leopard fur coats are paired with black hoodies. There is also a gender fluidity in the street style, where men take fashion risks, including neon hair, skirts and accessories.

Compared to the cookie cutter street style we have seen in Paris, London and Milan, Tokyo really stands out because the people aren’t guided by trends they know will be out of style by next week. They are guided by what makes them feel good. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what fashion is about?

Check out the gallery below for more street style shots from Tokyo Fashion Week:

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