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Is your bra comfortable?

This is something some women think about everyday, while others never give it a thought. The estimated $12 billion lingerie industry has a lot of women to serve but over the years there hasn’t been much specificity, until now.

True&Co CEO, Michelle Lam and her team have made the brassiere a science, gathering information from over 500,000 women amounting in 7 million data points to create a bra formula. “You need a bra that makes you feel like a million bucks and we’ve worked really hard to build this data and infrastructure to personalize this brand,” Lam told



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Essentially researchers consider the grievances of women and charted their chest and boobs to create a color coded model. Called the True Spectrum, the chart considers more than just cup size and chest measurements.

As reported by TechCrunch:

There are 8 different color categories a woman can be assigned to in the True Spectrum, based on size, shape, fit and especially curvature. Celeb Rachel Ray’s boobs, for instance, are shallow and round and thus would be considered Violet. Citrine, the more full and round type of boobage is the most common, with 28% of women falling into this category.

“This is just the beginning of the future of shopping,” says Lam, “and True&Co has only just scratched the surface on its goal to deliver on the perfect fit… Retailers have made all these customized clothes for men, but women will be their biggest customers in the future of online shopping because of our curves. We are 3D.”

More information on the bra that was formed from the study can be found here.



Do you think there needs to be a whole new bra size measurement system?



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