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Interview: V-Lo The Maestro Talks With OTSNY About BET Placement for “Can’t Phase Me” visual |@vlosworld



Louisiana’s V-Lo The Maestro is no stranger to the pages of Months ago he made his debut here with his “College Grad Turnt Rapper 2.0” project. To say he has continued to ascend since then may be an understatement as he has just recently made his BET debut on the heels of his “Cant Phase Me” visual. With such progress being made we found it a good time to reach out and talk about the rapper about this experience and more.

So you’ve recently had your video make it’s way to BET. What was that moment like when you saw it for the first time?

It was an amazing feeling. This was something that I always dreamed of. I never thought I would see myself on BET. This was definitely one of my best moments in life. It’s definitely one of my best accomplishments.

There’s no doubt this has been something you’ve dreamed of since a child. How does it feel now looking back knowing that you actually accomplished it?

It’s such a great feeling. I come from a very small town and I never would’ve thought I would’ve accomplished such a feat. This proves that no matter where you come from you can accomplish great things.

Has the video getting national coverage like that brought you any new fans or extra attention?

Oh yes it’s definitely brought me a ton of new fans. Their ready for my new album to drop.

What do you think it was about this song and video in particular that stands out and makes it one that has grown so quickly?

I believe the topic that I’m rapping about makes it unique. I also believe the exotic cars makes it very unique.

While on the subject of BET I must ask, if you could bring back any of their now defunct programs you may have grown up on which would it be and why?

I would definitely bring back 106 & Park. That was one of my favorite shows on BET.

You’ve talked in the past about how people don’t really believe in dreams of others. How do you overcome that adversity to continue to chase and accomplish goals like this one?

Well the first thing you have to do is focus on you and not on what others think of you. When you can block out what people think about you that will open up new doors for you. I believe I can do anything I put my mind to and no one can stop me from achieving my dreams. That’s the way everyone needs to think.

You had quite a few fancy cars in the video. Are you a huge car buff? If so what are some of your favorite ones?

Yes I sure am. Some of my favorite cars are the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Ferrari F430, and the Rolls Royce Ghost. I love foreign and exotic cars.

Now that you’ve gotten this achievement under your belt what is another big goal you have in your eyesight now?

I want to put out multiple platinum albums. I want to be able to hang up multiple platinum albums on my wall. I won’t stop until I achieve that goal.

What’s next on the horizon for you that people should be looking out for?

Expect a whole lot of more music and also expect a ton movies coming out with me in it. There is a lot of different things I have in store for my fans.

Is there anything else you would like to share before we conclude?

I would like everyone out there in the world to know that they can be anything they want to be if they put their mind to it. No matter what you look like or where you from you can accomplish all things. I hope my accomplishment motivates everyone to chase and achieve their dreams.

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The Whole Sick Croo – Play Along



New music from The Whole Sick Croo reflects hot political themes 

WASHINGTON D.C. – DC area rocker, Phil Dubitsky delivers poignant political music which addresses present day concerns. His Hard Rock/Punk Rock fusion has a bit of rootsy Americana and Blues mixed with Heavy Metal aggression. 

His latest single, “Play Along” discusses different sides which participate and vote in a democratic society. Voting is not difficult to do, but the artist is critical of the options. Released in late September, the song is topical for what is going on right now. “Play Along,” the latest in a series of politically based releases, was written last year in anticipation of the current election cycle. 

“Play Along” features distinct slide guitar, bass riffs and bluesy scales, in contrast to Phil’s upcoming single, “Majority Rules,” a more straightforward rock track which tells how democracy results in the majority enforcing their idea of right and wrong onto the minority. The new single is due to be released on October 20. 

While creating awareness of issues, Phil tries not to be super preachy when putting his opinion out there for people. “While not all of my music is political, the singles I have put out in the back half of this year are fairly political. I use my music more as a way of getting the conversation started about socio political issues than specifically trying to tell people what to think or feel,” Phil stated. “By getting people to talk about or even just think about those issues, you start to open the door for those issues to be addressed and potentially fixed.” 

Currently releasing music under the name “The Whole Sick Croo,” Phil is working solo now. He does it all – from writing lyrics and melodies, to recording his instrumentation and vocals in a home studio. He also mixes and masters his own music. Phil has created an intelligent, more self sufficient way of working, allowing him to concentrate on producing and releasing music. 

Putting out lyrics that are right on the nose, Phil’s messages are straightforward and easy to understand. “For me personally, being more direct with your messaging means more people will realize what you’re saying.” Eager to encourage dialog, Phil Dubitsky is an artist who is not afraid to share his opinions. 

To listen to The Whole Sick Croo’s music or to follow Phil on social media, please visit: 

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The Official Hip Hop Movement Launches Podcast



Ron ” Bee-Stinger” Savage former member of the New York State Democratic Committee, Civil Rights Activist, and owner of the Hip Hop Movement, launches the official Hip Hop Movement Podcast.

Ron Savage continues to innovatively push the Hip Hop Movement forward and expand the brand. With its channel on ROKU TV exceeding over 28,000 streams, it’s now time to launch a podcast. The official Hip Hop Movement Podcast will range from societal issues, interviews, special guests, music, and more. The Podcast will be streamed on major platforms including Spreaker, Spotify, Deezer, Podcast Addict, and iHeartRadio.

“The Hip Hop Movement began at the birth of Hip Hop with no official capacity use, just a name people used to be part of this new trend called Hip Hop decades ago. In 1990 I gave it elements, the six elements to be exact which are consciousness awareness, civil rights awareness, activism awareness, justice & political awareness, and community awareness in music.”


For more info on Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage and the Hip Hop Movement streaming channel on ROKU TV and the new podcast, please connect below.


Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage

“Hip is the Culture Hop is the Movement”

Owner of the Hip Hop Movement Servicemark

Hip Hop Movement (R)

Hip Hop Movement Steaming Channel on ROKU TV (Stream the official Hip Hop Movement on Roku & Amazon Firestick by using the Fiverr service at or type hip hop movement in its search bar)

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