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Kristina Halloway is set to release her new single “Just A Sunrise Away”



Ask about the latest explosive talent in gospel music today, and you will find that Kristina Halloway is your answer. With a bleeding-edge fusion of the inspirational and infectious sounds of gospel and pop music, and her ability to uplift the masses with enough energy to power several cities, she is well on her way to leaving her indelible mark with the world!

Kristina discovered her ministry at a young age through the musical, emotive expression of God’s word. By partnering with music producer JKeyz, Kristina has been able to evolve traditional gospel, maintain her music ministry, and incorporate a definitive message that even resounds on the dance floor. Beyond what you may hear from Kristina on Spotify or iTunes, her stage performance is doubly outstanding. Many agree that her music is unlike anything they’ve ever heard; for it inspires many from the church to the world!

Coupled with a distinctive sound and style, Kristina Halloway is a fascinating artist who hopes to bring her youthful, fashionable, and magnetic personality to young audiences abroad. Her artistic mission is to continually demonstrate that God is as cool as He is omnipotent. In addition to being a gifted vocalist and actress, the New York native, also recognized as CEO of Faith On A Thousand LLC, has also partnered with charitable organizations to support noble causes such as the Watchful Eye’s “Effective AIDS Awareness Campaign.”

Her ever-growing résumé includes singing background for several acts, including platinum singer/songwriter Lil’ Mo, as well as an Off-Broadway role in The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, which starred Richard Roundtree, Miguel Nunez, Tatyana Ali, Hezekiah Walker and was produced by multiple Emmy Award winner Ed Weinberger. Kristina has also shared the stage with greats such as Vickie Winans, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, Toby Mac, John Cook, and Dave Hollister.

Today she is a well-decorated songstress, receiving such honors as the Stellar and ASCAP Awards for New Artist of the Year (2011) and a BET Music Award nomination for the same category (2011). She has also been recognized by Homeland Security for the stellar example she sets for the youth of today.

With captivating songs like “Faith On A Thousand” and “Just A Sunrise Away,” Kristina Halloway has set her sights on fulfilling her dreams, one accomplishment at a time. She is living proof of her compositions and continues to inspire others through them. Every day for Kristina is a mission to get her uniquely mainstream sound and heartfelt message to fans who patiently await the next big thing in music.

FB: Kristina Halloway
IG: Kristinahalloway

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Baller News Co. showcases the luxurious lifestyle | @BallerNewsCo



When it comes to entertainment brands on Instagram Baller News aka BallerNewsCo. is one of the fastest rising pages. With a sleek design inspired by the designer feel of brands like Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, Baller News paints the aesthetic of the luxurious lifestyle.

The brand has reached quick success, getting its start only a few months ago. It now sits at over 31,000 followers with several celebrities among that total.

The highly curated pieces of content are of very high quality, entertaining, and fun. The premium photographs that are shown are of famous rappers, models, and playboys like Dan Bilzerian balling out of control. You see the lifestyle, the parties, the cars, and everything in between.

To give you an example of the type of content that can be seen on the page we’ll list a few things.

● You can for example see rappers cruising in their newly purchased Lamborghinis.
● Photos of mansion parties of people like Dan Bilzerian.
● Beautiful homes in Orange County and Beverly Hills.
● Amazing visuals of the skylines of big cities like New York City or Miami.
● Socialites riding in their ferraris in Monaco.
● Pictures and videos of self-made millionaires like Manny Khoshbin and Grant Cardone hanging out at their mansions in for example Newport Beach, or driving around in their bugattis like Manny Khoshbin often does.
● And many, many more amazing premium content to experience and enjoy.

If you want to experience the premium content yourself go check out Baller News via the link below.

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Chelzzz – Poseidon



South Florida artist showcases genre-bending sound on latest hit single ‘Poseidon’ 

MIAMI, FL – Up-and-coming artist Chelzzz is shaping the underground industry while soaring to the top with her recipe of intricate beats, bars for days and a voice that can’t be replicated. This South Florida active, event curator and promoter is not your typical female artist. This lesbian entertainer quite literally bends gender specifics with every release, and her latest single “Poseidon” is no exception.  

Born from the very public divorce she’s currently going through, the song is Chelzzz’s attempt to be more vulnerable and give listeners and fans and inside peek at what’s going on in her life. With an aggressive flow of lyrics, Chelzzz encourages listeners of her music to get busy and have a good time, while also showcasing a super versatile style that has been her trademark since bursting onto the scene five years ago. 

“I sing and rap, I’m high energy, and yet I can be very relatable, as well,” Chelzzz said. “I’m also a female artist who writes lines that are more provocative toward women. I don’t exploit women like a lot of other artists do. Being a feminine is important, but not a single one of my tracks are the same. I have one song about moving to South Florida and what I’ve gone through. I have another one that was written when all the stimulus checks were dropping. And ‘Poseidon’ is about a relationship. Everything is really different, but most of the time my music is more upbeat and more party stuff.” 

Chelzzz has been releasing music as a professional artist since 2016. Serving as the primary visionary behind all her projects, she has quickly become known among industry insiders as an artist who not only delivers great music but also brings high-quality and entertaining videos to the table. Both her writing and visuals create stories that relate to audiences all over the world.  

At the beginning of 2021 Chelzzz released her first album “Somehwere In Miami,” inspired by her journey from her hometown of Detroit to Miami. In the album Chelzzz showcases her unique and captivating town, which is a mixture of a Midwest swag and South Florida vibes. She’s been hard at work since that releasing putting together more singles, which she is now ready to release over the course of the next few months. 

“I like being different and capitalizing off my own strengths,” she said. “I like switching things up and not being stuck in one box or genre. I think that’s super important for artists, and people as a whole, to see. Don’t let yourself be labeled as one thing or let society dictate who you are. My music shares that message, and more than anything that’s the biggest mark I want to make on the world.” 

“Poseidon” is currently available across all streaming platforms. Chelzzz said she plans to follow that with another single called “Monster” sometime in October in anticipation of the Halloween holiday.


To listen to Chelzzz’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links:

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