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3:30PM ET February 27th, 2013
Contributor : Martin James
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Mac Miller Talks About His Reality Show

Mac Miller’s new reality television show, “Mac Miller and The Most Dope Family,” is set to debut on MTV, and the Pittsburgh-born rapper revealed in an interview with XXL that he almost didn’t do the series. Miller wasn’t too fond of the idea of becoming a reality TV star.

“Being real, I don’t like reality shows. When they first hit me up to do a TV show, we were trying to come up with ideas of different things that we could do, just different types of TV shows or whatever,” Miller explained. “Then we just kind of thought, ‘Hey–I’m about to do my album, it might be good to show people the rise of the album, the evolution of it.'”

“So we started doing that, but then it was the kind of thing where we don’t want to just sit here and f*ckin’ make music on camera all day and just give away all of our secrets,” he added. “Let’s just have some fun with it. So we kind of got more comfortable with the cameras and started just kind of cutting up and being weird. Reality shows are weird because you’ve gotta be real and I can’t really act real–you know? If I’m doing something for a camera it’s gotta be some that’s super extra’d out, or just very weird and awkward. So we just went super extra’d out.”

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