Nakedi 2

Looking to mirror the success he has experienced in his homeland, South African Nakedi has targeted the U.S. as he campaigns new releases You’re the one for me, and Prettey Brown Eyes.  His potential dates back to 14-years-old when he would write and perform various songs in his native Pretoria.  As his passion grew so did his interest and later he would learn to play piano as his love for jazz increased.  Soon there after, Nakedi was inspired to change directions and headed in the path of education, specifically a degree in computer science. Before long, he was unable to ignore his love for music and returned to what he does best.  He released Summer Days and Run with it to much applause and soon saw himself as a performer at the annual SERA Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. With plans to put America on notice about his talent, he has been making his rounds in the media and other avenues.  For more on Nakedi, visit his Instagram

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