ty hunt 2
A Brockton, Massachusetts native whose talent is unquestioned Ty Hunt dates his first written verse back to the year 2003 when he was a mere 12 years old.    That very verse would become a feature on a track titled Pink Elephants alongside Van Bates AKA Shemrock.    With the release of his debut,  Holy Mania,  Ty Hunt has added another notch to his discography. Previous works to date include collaborations with Black Hesher of Cult Muzic (formerly known as Shemrock of Cooler than smack) and  Mr. Melodic of “7th sign” also founder of Dead Eyez records.
“My ultimate goal at this time for me is to attract as many listeners as possible. That opportunity to share my music for me, is priceless. Music is a full time job to me I invest in it through my other full time job so that one day the benefits of this music will outweigh my union’s benifits and I can retire from hard labor to continue life doing what my passion is.”
 His love for the culture started with freestyle sessions that he would throw his hat into the ring of, as well as soaking up game from former Capitol Records signee Pilot.   After hitting the stage at Max’s Blues Café Ty Hunt knew what the possibilities could hold for his musical pursuits.
“It has taken blood, sweat and death to get where I am today. A lot of people have died including the person I thought I was. Finding myself the person who God always intended me to be and Funding my music and faith has been my primary faith.   I’d like to say I am a carpenter who raps. I rap about aliens, angels, demons, love, hate and heart break.”
His video for his Mind of A Freak has landed in the top 5 on Comcast’s Charged Up Top 10 in NH. Check out his debut project by clicking.