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French Montana’s Relationship Tips



”Never Judge What A Woman Did Before She Met You”
6:00AM ET May 22nd, 2013
Contributor : Rayna Dean
A Rocky Williform Company

French Montana's Relationship Tips

French Montana spoke to Angela Yee about relationships and was asked how friendships can get in the way of who you’re trying to date. Unlike many men, Montana acknowledges that your friends can sabotage a good thing.

“Friends always f*ck sh*t up, ’cause you never know when they’re hating or looking out for you,” he said, and admitted that his crew has messed him up in the past. “Of course they hate; they’re the worst. As soon as they see her with somebody–especially a rapper–they got you pulling her aside.”

Montana said he could care less about his woman’s history–even if she had relations with his buddies Rick Ross or Diddy.

“Of course not. You can never judge what a woman did before she met you–she didn’t know you,” he says. “If she’s still doing it after, that’s a problem. But everybody got a past, you don’t want her to start digging up yours.”

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Meet Lillie “#BrownMermaid” Mae (News)




Lillie Mae, coined as #BrownMermaid in the media, radio, and entertainment realm serves as a beacon for those who long to be heard.

“#BrownMermaid is self-explanatory because I’ve evolved from the bottom of the sea. I represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits, and ferocious independence. There’s no better place for that than the entertainment industry.”

Through creative expression, media & broadcasting, Lillie Mae’s mermaid instincts motivate and inspire people to love, cherish, and believe in themselves. With three different platforms, she ensures nothing but a vessel to shine and onward success.


It’s Consulting Time (Tuesdays at 7 PM EST) and Primetime with #SENOJ (Saturdays at 12 PM EST) features interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, a variety of artists, and other global influences. These platforms serve to support and enhance the art and works of all Creatives, while honoring their contributions to the community, and paying homage to those who have come before us.

All Things Authentic (Thursdays at 7 PM EST) is an audio-visual podcast featuring 21st-century trending topics and conversations about real-life happenings. This show was inspired by Sunday Dinners, in which, Lillie Mae’s family would host family and friends after church for a traditional Sunday Dinner with dialogue and dining.


“#BrownMermaid cannot and will not be contained. To find out more about the #BrownMermaid, tune in”

To inquire about being featured on one of Lilie Mae’s platforms please connect below.

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Judge Joe Brown, Dr. EnQi Debate Natural Healing & Covid-19 (Video)



Judge Joe Brown was in rare form debating the benefits of Plant-Based eating and Herbs with the G.O.A.T of Holistic Health Science Dr. EnQi.

Dr. Sebi would have been proud of the way Dr. EnQi used the verbal shoulder roll patented by Floyd Mayweather to avoid the onslaught of hooks and uppercuts thrown by the Judge. In a world where we are plagued by a global pandemic, this is a must-listen for entertainment and more importantly education. This is another example of how Dr. EnQi single-handedly carries the Holistic Culture to new heights.

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