”She Wants Him To Avoid Dealing With RiRi One-On-One”
6:00AM ET April 18th, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
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Jessica Biel Is Jealous of Rihanna?

Pop superstar Justin Timberlake is reportedly looking to embark on a business venture with Rihanna involving the reboot of social network MySpace–but his wifey Jessica Biel is allegedly having none of it. An “unnamed source” claims that Jessy doesn’t trust Timberlake and Rih-Rih getting too close to each other.

“Jessica has had her trust issues with Justin, and knowing that he’s schmoozing Rihanna really makes her nervous,” the source claimed. “She’s told Justin that she wants him to avoid dealing with RiRi one-on-one and leave the negotiating to his business team, but that’s not how Justin rolls.”

But does Jessica have reason to be jealous? “He approached [Rihanna] recently with the pitch that he’d take some of the business pressure off her shoulders,” the source told The Enquirer. “But what he really wants is to bring her online business ventures – and her fans – onto MySpace.”

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