Take quick read as we recently sat down with Brooklyn’s own Lenaah Lee, who recently released her catchy single, “Handle It.” Having studied musical theatre and understanding the nuances of Jazz mixed with Rap an R&B this eye-catching talent has an impressive musical background with a promixing future. For her most recent single fans get a bit of an island twist that Lenaah says we can expect to hear in the future. Brooklyn raised her, now the world should embrace for her talent.

OTSNY: Tell me about your upbringing and how you first got into music.

Lenaah Lee: While Growing up, my father taught me how to rap. He is a massive influence on my rap career. When I got to high school, I studied musical theatre, in which I started to explore jazzy and R&B. As a little girl I’ve always loved to sing, my aunt plays the piano and sings as well, growing up I watched her. She would go to rehearsals then go back home and Practice. Then when it came time for her performance. It was always amazing! I love the process of getting ready to perform or creating new songs. It keeps me busy, always have.

OTSNY: How did Brooklyn shape you?

Lenaah Lee: Being born and raised in Brooklyn, it has defiantly inspired me to never give up on what I start. To always finish, no matter what the struggle is.

OTSNY: How would you describe your sound?

Lenaah Lee: My sounds are jazzy mixed with Rap and R&B/ Hip Hop.

I have a degree in musical theatre and have studies musical theatre for nine years, in my music I sometimes incorporate musical theatre-style singing in the way I would write a song.
My lyrics are influenced by my daily life activities at my highest emotional peak, whether good or bad. My jazz influences come from listening to Chaka khan and Ella Fitzgerald in high school. Jazz touches my soul, and when mixed with rap, the sound is impressive.

OTSNY: Your artwork on this song features a very sultry, sexy theme – what made you choose that cover art?

Lenaah Lee: I picked out the picture from a photoshoot I did in Brooklyn, but my graphic designer Tyrone Edmonds, created the cover art in which I approve of. The cover art is fun and flirtatious.

OTSNY: Who are some of your producers on the song?

Lenaah Lee: My producer name for this single “Handle It” is Niko.


OTSNY: What does this single mean to you?

Lenaah Lee: The single “Handle It” is freedom to me. I say this because I was literally at my friend’s house, enjoying life until I stumbled across the beat. The beat touches me in an away, in which I was able to have fun while working on the overall song.

OTSNY: Talk about the Caribbean influence on this song? Will we hear it in other songs from you?

Lenaah Lee: You will hear more Caribbean influences in my future songs. Sometimes when I’m writing my songs, rapping, and singing out loud, it comes out; naturally, I never force it. For Handle it, that is precisely what happened.

OTSNY: What’s next for you in 2020?

Lenaah Lee: The video for “Handle It” Will is out in January 2020. VISUALS for songs!

OTSNY: Is there anything that we didn’t talk about that you want to share with the fans?

Lenaah Lee: My Next Ep will be out by December 2019 called “BIG READY.” And right now, I’m expected to perform for Major Stage at The Paper Box Venue In BK; in December 2019. Date TBA

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