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JoeJas – Gaps & Nomads



This album is a unique blend of many genres with the base being hip-hop going from punk to R&B to Jazz and many more this album will keep you on your toes. The lyrical themes explore self acceptance and managing the world as a person who defies their stereotypes but is boxed in because of them. These are 2 music videos from the album that I’ve released prior: Sally’s Last Dance & Suedeflips!
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Artist Bio:

JoeJas Is A rapper and producer (when producing going under the alias “HairyMuffinMan”.) JoeJas has been rapping since he was 11 and started production at 17 because the beats he was on did not showcase the full vision he had for his music. He had then put out his self produced debut album ‘Planet’ in 2016 taking influences from punk, Jazz, Hip-Hop & R&B and blending them all in one. This genre mashing will then become a defining point in JoeJas’ music.

All music videos have been shot and edited by JoeJas too from 2017 showing the wide array of skills capable. In 2016 he had started his own line of events under his brand ‘Fat Llama’ which put on a Multitude of artists spanning from different genres around London. This was made because JoeJas felt that there wasn’t anything for people considered weird and not to meet in the middle and find new sounds they weren’t usually a-custom to. In 2020 JoeJas won the vans musician wanted competition with praise from Anderson Paak & J.I.D.






The YNVS Radio Mixtape Series’ mission is to bring the newest and hottest music to the ears of the streets and the clubs. Nine mixtapes in and this series have featured some of the best in music as well as some joints from some up-and-coming artists.

Hosted by DJ S-Nice, the 9th installment features new music from artists on the YNVS roster and some gems from Connie Diiamond, Breezylyn, Maino, VS The King, and many more. The mixtape also features some hot refixes from DJ S-Nice himself!

Check out the track listing below and stay tuned for more from this dope DJ coalition! Enjoy the music!

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(Mixtape) Fast Money Sunny” x “Trouble Maker” – N.Y.C.h.i.



Press Play to hear what happens when the Underground Drill King from Chiraq (Chicago) Fast Money Sunny, connects with the Drill King from N.Y.C. Trouble Maker you get the new Project ‘N.Y.C.H.I.’ A 8 song EP…where they trade bar’s on how slidin, getting to the bag and being lit, is nothing new for these two Drill King’s who hail from different cities but the struggles, the grind, the come up’s, remains the same. So again Press play and enjoy the Lituation, an make sure you tap in with both King’s via IG: @fastmoney_sunny @t.m_54backuppage


01 Fast Money Sunny & Trouble Maker – Slide
02 Fast Money Sunny & Trouble Maker – Wiggity Wu
03 Fast Money Sunny, Troublemaker – Jit
04 Fast Money Sunny & Trouble Maker (feat. 360Pooh – Getting into it
05 Fast Money Sunny & Trouble Maker – What do you claim
06 Fast Money Sunny & Trouble Maker – PPP
07 Fast Money Sunny & Trouble Maker – Melonade (feat. King Problem)
08 Fast Money Sunny & Trouble Maker – Voodoo (Bonus Track)

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Rhasun (Sonny Ganzo) Brings Out Killarmy’s Shogun Assason, SADAT X, Baby Eazy E And Solomon Childs for BLAKTRILOGY Vol.2



Sonny Ganzo executive produces Blaktrilogy Vol.2 seventeen years after Blaktrilogy Vol.1 dropped in Best Buy, Fye, Tower Records, Coconuts, Willie’s and Mom’s and Pops stores across the U.S.

Vol.1 features production from 4th Disciple and a few familiar faces featured on Vol.2 like Bizz the Prince, Cali CVSH and DEZ3AGLE from Water Team. Vol.2 adds some new faces such as DJ Kay Slay (R.I.P) Hoffa, Solomon Childs, Hai Tarik, Kinetic 9 and Baby Eazy E3 the son of hip hop icon Eazy E.

Available Now on Tidal

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Blaktrilogy Vol 2 by Blaktrilogy

1- “Adrenaline” HOFFA

2-“DB’s” Shogun Assason

3- “Mobocracy” Bizz the Prince x Solomon Childs x Sonny Ganzo x DJ KaySlay

4- “Summer of Sam” Kinetic9

5- “Cause N Effect” Sadat X

6- “Naloxone” Baby Eazy E feat Stefanie Bennett

7- “The Reaper” Cali CVSH

8- “Nothin New Under The Sun” Solomon Childs

9- “Project Housing” Hoffa x Bizz the Prince

10- “Betty” Cali CVSH

11- “Keep it 100” Bizz the Prince

12- “The Recipe” Cali CVSH

13- “D.U.M.B “Hoffa”

14- “Sleep Is for the Rich” DEZ3AGLE

15- “Locations” Hai Tarik x Cali CVSH

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