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Rhasun (Sonny Ganzo) Brings Out Killarmy’s Shogun Assason, SADAT X, Baby Eazy E And Solomon Childs for BLAKTRILOGY Vol.2



Sonny Ganzo executive produces Blaktrilogy Vol.2 seventeen years after Blaktrilogy Vol.1 dropped in Best Buy, Fye, Tower Records, Coconuts, Willie’s and Mom’s and Pops stores across the U.S.

Vol.1 features production from 4th Disciple and a few familiar faces featured on Vol.2 like Bizz the Prince, Cali CVSH and DEZ3AGLE from Water Team. Vol.2 adds some new faces such as DJ Kay Slay (R.I.P) Hoffa, Solomon Childs, Hai Tarik, Kinetic 9 and Baby Eazy E3 the son of hip hop icon Eazy E.

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Blaktrilogy Vol 2 by Blaktrilogy

1- “Adrenaline” HOFFA

2-“DB’s” Shogun Assason

3- “Mobocracy” Bizz the Prince x Solomon Childs x Sonny Ganzo x DJ KaySlay

4- “Summer of Sam” Kinetic9

5- “Cause N Effect” Sadat X

6- “Naloxone” Baby Eazy E feat Stefanie Bennett

7- “The Reaper” Cali CVSH

8- “Nothin New Under The Sun” Solomon Childs

9- “Project Housing” Hoffa x Bizz the Prince

10- “Betty” Cali CVSH

11- “Keep it 100” Bizz the Prince

12- “The Recipe” Cali CVSH

13- “D.U.M.B “Hoffa”

14- “Sleep Is for the Rich” DEZ3AGLE

15- “Locations” Hai Tarik x Cali CVSH



Arson RGM – 4 The Hell Of It The Mixtape | DJ Smoke



🔥 Arson RGM Ignites the Scene with “4 The Hell Of It The Mixtape” on! 🔥

Chicago’s hip-hop landscape has been set ablaze once again, courtesy of the scorching new mixtape by none other than Arson RGM. Aptly titled “4 The Hell Of It The Mixtape,” this fiery project is a testament to Arson RGM’s unwavering passion and dedication to his craft. Hosted by the renowned Dj Smoke, the mixtape is a combustible collection of tracks that will leave you craving for more.

Setting the Streets Alight Arson RGM’s latest mixtape is an inferno of creativity and raw energy, showcasing his unique style that’s rooted in Chicago’s vibrant music scene. Known for his distinctive flow and hard-hitting lyrics, Arson RGM sets the streets alight with tracks that delve deep into his experiences, emotions, and unfiltered thoughts.

A Sonic Blaze “4 The Hell Of It The Mixtape” is a musical bonfire that blurs the lines between genres, featuring beats that pulse like heartbeats and lyrics that cut through like a flaming sword. Each track is a sonic blaze, revealing Arson RGM’s ability to seamlessly switch between storytelling and delivering incendiary bars.

Dj Smoke: Fueling the Fire The mixtape’s explosive impact is further intensified by the involvement of Dj Smoke, who adds his signature touch to the project. Dj Smoke’s artistry as a host complements Arson RGM’s raw talent, resulting in a mixtape that’s not just an auditory experience but a full-blown firestorm of creativity.

Fuel Your Ears, Embrace the Heat Arson RGM’s “4 The Hell Of It The Mixtape” is a must-listen for anyone craving an authentic and unapologetic hip-hop experience. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Arson RGM’s sound, this mixtape promises an intense journey through the heart of Chicago’s music scene.

🔗 Stream, Download, and Show Some Love! Don’t miss out on the sizzling tracks that make up “4 The Hell Of It The Mixtape.” Stream and download the mixtape now on by following this link:

Be sure to hit the thumbs up, add your favorites to your playlist, and spread the word about this blazing release. Let the world know that Arson RGM is here to set the hip-hop scene on fire!

Connect with Arson RGM on Social Media Stay updated with Arson RGM’s latest releases, news, and behind-the-scenes insights by following him on social media:Twitter: @arson11tre Instagram: arson11tre YouTube: Arson RGM

Get ready to embrace the heat of “4 The Hell Of It The Mixtape” and witness Arson RGM’s meteoric rise in the world of hip-hop. This mixtape is more than just music; it’s a blazing testament to Arson RGM’s artistry and his unyielding commitment to creating music that sets your soul on fire.

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Big Will Releases “Street Cred Pt.29” Mixtape Ft. Juelz Santana & More



Big Will delivers new heat to the streets mixed by DJ Koolhand. The mixtape “Street Cred Pt.29” is out now on My Mixtapez and other streaming platforms. The 30-track project features Juelz Santana, Benny The Butcher, and a plethora of indie hip hop powerhouses. Stream the mixtape below.

Mixtape of BIG WIL PRESENTS “STREET CRED VOL 29” by djkoolhand

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North Carolina Artist Madison Jay releases the third volume of his critically acclaimed series ‘Trapped In The 90’s’ simply titled “TITN3”.
As Madison builds up momentum for his upcoming untitled album due this summer, he’s delivered 5 scathing freestyles over the month of April to set the temperature. Tracks such as “Carolina’s Finest Freestyle” or “Dogg Pound Freestyle” assert the MCs position for top dog in the game.

Along with the freestyles from April on the project Madison gives a home to past freestyles he’s released to round the project out with the nostalgic feel of past ‘Trapped’ releases.

The “TITN3’ project is available exclusively on the Bandcamp platform allowing Madison direct access to fans for such an exclusive mixtape style release.

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