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Amschel – Die



Veteran producer Amschel breathes new life into Trap Soul and Trap Music 

We all want to leave something behind. We want a legacy, something that endures beyond us. We yearn to create something that will last. From the time Amschel (AKA “Kon”) discovered music, he knew exactly what he wanted his legacy to be. Amschel’s passion for rhythm began when he developed an interest in percussion. “I’ve been in a band since the second grade,” said Amschel, “and I started playing drums in high school.”  

Amschel established his own record label, Woo Records, and officially began his production career in 2001. “There was a relative of mine who would cry ‘woo,’” Amschel explained. “That stuck with me, so I wanted to call the label that.” In his production style, Amschel is a zealous devotee of Reggaeton, Trap, and Trap Soul music. Or as Amschel himself put it, “I am the original founder of Trap and Trap Soul Music.” 

Amschel’s previous work includes producing early tracks for Chris Brown. “I was there when he [Brown] and T-Pain signed their deals with Jive Records.” Amschel said he has also written and produced for artists like Jagged Edge, The Weeknd, Trey Songz, Bryson Tiller, and Lil Baby. “I first met The Weeknd at Lancaster City College in 2012,” Amschel remembered. “That’s before he blew up.”  

But Amschel’s artistic repertoire isn’t just limited to the recording console. “When you listen to those background vocals on some of H.E.R.’s tracks,” Amschel recalled, “that’s me singing those background vocals.” Spotify users can find a complete list of Amschel’s discography via the “Amschel’s Hits” playlist.  

His latest track, “Die,” features FRVR Friday on vocals. “Die” is a Trap Soul fan’s fantasy made into reality. It has a mellow, dreamy air that sets the listener at ease while FRVR Friday and Amschel provide somber, echo-laden verses. Toward the end of the song, attentive listeners will notice a subtle sample from the classic 80s film The Goonies. “I put it in there because it says, ‘die,’” Amschel said.  

“Die” is the beginning of a new era for Amschel’s career. FRVR Friday also lent his vocal musings to an additional Amschel-produced song called, “My Way.” PARTYNEXTDOOR, IV Music, MIKExAngel and JSOUL will also be involved in his upcoming projects. Amschel said he has tracks in the works featuring the likes of Jacquees, Trey Songz, YNDR, Mikey100k, KREW$, AlmtyCeez. Furthermore, he is always seeking artists to work with. Whether they are rising stars or veteran acts, Amschel is interested. “I’m currently looking for artists to work with,” said Amschel. “I have a ton of beats.   

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“Die” will be available across all streaming platforms on Feb 11. 

“Die” Spotify Pre-Save Link 

Stream Amschel’s music, or follow him on social media, here: 

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AJ From The 9 – Live From The 9/YeaYea Freestyle | @AJFromThe909



AJ From The 9 Comes Thru With Vibes On “Live From The 9/YeaYea Freestyle”

After dropping his last album “Sounds From The 9” on New Years 2020, Southern California rap artist AJ From The 9 is back with his latest visual and follow up album in over a year. Despite difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, AJ has stayed busy working on new music for his album “More Sounds From The 9”, ready to once again, “Do it for The 9”, aspiring to be a breakthrough success from the region, referring to the 909/951 area of Southern California.

Over the 2nd half of 2020, AJ has teased new music, dropping singles such as “Dead Presidents”, “9PM in The City” & the Black Lives Matter themed “Light It Up”. His latest visual comes as a double feature involving his most recent single “Live From The 9” along with a fresh new track “YeaYea Freestyle”. The double video showcases the duality of the album, with “Live From The 9” channeling a chill, mellow vibe and “YeaYea Freestyle” encompassing a more upbeat, energetic type approach from the BlaQ Kennedy artist.

Check out the visual directed by videographer Jarrod Anthonee below:


Stream: “More Sounds From The 9” is now available on all digital streaming services and major mixtape sites. Check out the album at the link below:

Download: “More Sounds From The 9”  album

Social Media:
Instagram: @AJFromThe909

Twitter: @AJFromThe909


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Raw Thesus ‘Maywood Ill’ Album



Iconic Records Philadelphia and Raw Thesus announce the release of his new album ‘Maywood Ill’ available now on digital platforms.

The Chicago-based recording artist delivers cut-throat wordplay along with quick-witted lyricism throughout all 13 tracks while displaying abstract production. ‘Maywood Ill’ serves as an honest declaration from Raw Thesus that confirms his stance and reign in Hip Hop culture. Stream/download the album and connect with Raw Thesus below.

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Raw Thesus Facebook fan page

Raw Thesus website

Raw Thesus Bookings

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