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Arradon drops a new single and visual ‘Pearlies & Golds’



Kevin Arradondo aka Arradon, is a real salt of the earth kind of guy. His dedication to his craft is paralleled only by his devotion to god and his family. To his small circle of friends, he’s a natural-born leader and a loyal man of his word. To his city, he’s one of the last true stalwarts of the traditional Southern rap style.
Since his debut project, 2018’s Lil Bro Nem Vol. 1, Arradon’s style has strongly stood out from that of his peers. His low baritone vocals and seemingly effortless, smooth delivery perfectly complement his classic, trunk-slapping beat selection.
As original and unique as his sound is, Arradon’s story is that of the everyman. His powerful testimony of trying to make ends meet in these harsh and uncertain times is undeniably authentic and relatable. His unending drive and determination not only contributes to the content of his music, but is sure to push him to furthest reaches of his vast potential as an artist

Download Link:

Producer: Darkside 3x
Album: Oh Trip Don’t Trip
BPM: 65
Versions: Radio – Explicit – Acapella
Label: TripleDigital³
Contact: Sweet Savage (Manager) @ 469-463-3781
Social Media: 



YNW Bortlen Releases “Our Year” Single & Music Video With YNW BSlime Cameo




As the world watches, YNW-member and YNW Melly co-defendant YNW Bortlen gives them something to talk about with the release of the attention-grabbing new single and music video, intriguingly titled “Our Year.”

Directed by Foreign Shooters Productions, surrounded by a trio of expensive vehicles wrapped in links and YNW chains, the Florida native raps about being the center of attention and the forthcoming return to prominence of the YNW collective as the new year swiftly approaches. Bortlen, who is currently on house arrest, shoutouts the currently incarcerated YNW Melly on the song and visual with a photo of the two of them as he raps, “I got perfect timing/Melly be out this year/now that’s perfect timing…”

YNW Melly’s Instagram account supported Bortlen’s new release with a post on Friday (September 29) to the recording artist’s 4.5 million followers that included the following caption:

“Twin just drop 🤞🏾💚🤮 @ynw.bortlen y’all go run it up 🌏 @ynw4lthelabel.”

YNW Melly’s younger brother and popular recording artist YNW BSlime makes a cameo appearances in the new music video and shows the unified front of the YNW Collective who have been enthralled in several high-profile court cases over the last several years. Bortlen and BSlime previously collaborated on last year’s posse track, “The Mob,” also featuring YNW Melly and Trippie Redd. BSlime has generated an undeniable buzz since Melly’s arrest in 2019 with breakout songs such as “Slime Dreams,” “Just Want You,” and “Dying For You” featuring YNW Melly.

“Our Year,” the first track under Bortlen’s new distribution deal with Create Music Group, follows this year’s previously released singles “Stay Dangerous” and “Lil Slimey Dude.” YNW Bortlen recently appeared on the new Beemdagoat track, “Fugazii.” “Our Year” is available on all streaming platforms via YNW4L/Create Music Group.

Stream “Our Year” here and watch the music video, below.

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Latrell De’Sean Releases “45” Music Video




Latrell De’Sean is unique, catchy, and undeniable as an emerging artist with his raw lyrics over a sing-a-long flow and honest exterior in the fiery new visual of his breakout single “45.” In survival mode, the visual displays imagery of gunshots and chaos that portray the chaotic times society is living in right now. As De’Sean sits with his back to the madness, he raps about the destructive force he possesses as he endures life’s harsh reality on his path to luxury.

He raps: “So I’m toting on this 4-5/Hoping it don’t go down/Hoping that the danger don’t come my way/Cause if it do, then I’m blow mine/Take a Ni**a soul/I’m sorry Father God if I put one away.”

“45” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the Dallas native as it showcases his signature southern sound that has already accumulated over 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify based on his catalog’s biggest songs such as “Heartbreaker’s Diary,” “Love Is War,” and “M.I.A. in Miami.” The new single is a follow-up to De’Sean’s 2022 album, AntiHero.

The latest release promises more new music from Latrell De’Sean on the horizon as his popularity spreads contagiously from local to regional to nationwide. To date, “45” has generated over 153,634 streams on Spotify. Now is the perfect time to hop on the Latrell De’Sean bandwagon.

Watch “45” below, and afterward, hear more Latrell De’Sean music on Spotify.

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Ang3lina and Feranbanks’ “Tempted 2 Touch” Soars to #7 on Billboard Worldwide Digital Downloads Chart




The dynamic duo of Ang3lina and Feranbanks has taken the global music scene by storm with their infectious Afrobeats hit, “Tempted 2 Touch.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of global music, the fusion of different genres and cultures has become a driving force behind chart-topping hits. One such example of this fusion is the scintillating collaboration between Ugandan artist Ang3lina and Nigerian sensation Feranbanks. Their infectious Afrobeats track, “Tempted 2 Touch,” has recently taken the music world by storm, securing the #7 spot on the prestigious Billboard Worldwide Digital Downloads chart. Let’s dive into the captivating journey of this remarkable song and the artists behind it.

The Rise of Afrobeats

Afrobeats, characterized by its electrifying rhythms and fusion of African musical traditions with contemporary genres like hip-hop and dancehall, has been steadily gaining global recognition over the past decade. Artists from the African continent have played a pivotal role in this movement, making Afrobeats a cultural force to be reckoned with.

Ang3lina: The Ugandan Sensation

Ang3lina, born Angela Nabuufu, is a multifaceted artist who has been making waves in the Ugandan music scene for years. Known for her charismatic stage presence and sultry vocals, Ang3lina has been instrumental in bringing Afrobeats to the forefront of the East African music industry. Her previous hits like “Go Down”, “Oh Nah Nah”, and “Baby Oh” (ft. Zoey Dollaz) have showcased her versatility and passion for creating music that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Feranbanks: The Nigerian Rising Star

Feranbanks, born Feranmi Oladosu, hails from Nigeria, a country renowned for its rich musical heritage. Embracing the vibrant culture and diverse sounds of his homeland, Feranbanks has crafted a unique blend of Afrobeats that infuses traditional rhythms with contemporary elements. His earlier singles, including “Saro” and “Lagos,” have garnered significant attention, setting the stage for a promising international career.

The Birth of “Tempted To Touch”

The collaboration between Ang3lina and Feranbanks was destined to be a hit from the start. The artists first crossed paths at a music festival in Kenya, where their shared passion for Afrobeats ignited a creative spark. “Tempted 2 Touch” emerged as a result of their collaborative synergy, blending Ang3lina’s sensual vocals with Feranbanks’ signature Afro-infused flow.

The track was produced by Brian Soko, best known for creating hits like Beyonces “Drunk In Love” and Lil Wayne’s “Bedrock”.

The Song’s Universal Appeal

“Tempted 2 Touch” exudes an irresistibly dance-able rhythm that transports listeners to the heart of an African celebration. The track’s catchy melodies and lyrics, which touch on themes of love, desire, and attraction, resonate with people from all walks of life. Its universal appeal has contributed significantly to its success on the global stage.

Billboard Worldwide Digital Downloads Chart Triumph

Securing the #7 spot on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Downloads chart is a testament to the song’s impact on a global scale. The achievement is not only a reflection of Ang3lina and Feranbanks’ talent but also a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaborations in music.


Ang3lina and Feranbanks’ “Tempted 2 Touch” is a shining example of the transcendent power of music to break down cultural barriers and unite people from diverse backgrounds. This Afrobeats gem has not only carved out a prominent place on the Billboard Worldwide Digital Downloads chart but also serves as a reminder of the ever-expanding influence of African music on the world stage.

An3lina has big dreams and has stated “Tn the future I want to build a music school for the youth and the young kids that cannot afford to go to school but inspire to become a musician or artist or producer.”

As these two artists continue to captivate audiences with their talent and creativity, there is no doubt that their future endeavors will continue to reshape the global music landscape.


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