Who is 24hrs? Some people may say he is a “soundcloud artist” but if you’ve listened to his music then you will know that he is destined for so much more beyond Soundcloud. With the help of OVO Radio, and a natural charisma more people are beginning to gravitate toward him and his music.

24hrs raps, sings, produces, and DJs which definitely proves that he can’t be put into a box. He chooses to stay anonymous and lets the music speak for itself. If you look at his Instagram or Twitter you won’t find photos of him, you will find the cover art to his newest song, which fits his mysterious persona. Once again, it’s about the music with him. In a weird way, his mysterious aura draws you in and makes you focus on the music more which is what he’s trying to achieve.

His EP, “Open” will catch you off guard because of how different his sound is but you’ll be with it once you listen to it. The EP is the perfect example of the new wave that we’re seeing in hip hop and R&B. You’ll be memorized by “GO WAY GO WAY” which is definitely a favorite off of the album simply because the vibe is so different from what we’re used to hearing. Even more recently his song “RIGHT 4YU” which dropped last night, talks about how him & his lifestyle aren’t right for a good girl. It’s slower than his other songs but it’s those same charismatic melodies that will keep you hooked.



visit: www.24hrsmusic.com/music/