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Blow_flyy – MY WINGS WILL TAKE ME | @Blow_flyy



This is Canadian artist #Blow_flyy { @Blow_flyy}, this video is from his 1st of, Now 3 albums. the album called “ITS LIKE I GOT A SET OF WINGS” an album released digitally worldwide by various online distribution platforms and Streaming services “Enjoy the Video All” ||




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Laajuvie – “No Cuffin” (Official Video)




Miami-via-New Jersey but harnessed skills in Jacksonville, Florida femcee Laajuvie gears up for a breakout summer with the releases of the visual to her new single “No Cuffin.” For her emergence, Laajuvie is aggressive, unapologetic and cutting-edge.

For her forthcoming project, the Dak-directed video displays The pole toting tauntress effortlessly raps into the camera without breaking a sweat, all while showing off a fresh manicure and a beat face. “No Cuffin” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan joining the Laajuvie bandwagon.

Laajuvie’s latest single follow her first freestyle to Instagram titled “Fake Love,” which has garnered over 25K+ views organically since its release, Juvie wasted no time following up effort with another freestyle called ‘Shit Talk” that accumulated over 500 comments. Connected with EMPIRE, Laajuvie’s full-length effort is expected to draw some a-list collaborations. “No Cuffin” is produced by Ricky Hoodrich and available on 510 Music Group. After the view, for more on Laajuvie, follow her on Instagram.

Check out Laajuvie’s new visual for “No Cuffin” below.

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SZA Assists Doja Cat In New “Kiss Me More” Video




Two of music’s brightest stars have teamed up to release something for pop culture lovers worldwide. As Doja Cat is currently working on her highly anticipated Planet Her album, she releases her latest material “Kiss Me More”. To ensure the success of this release SZA hoped on the track, and the rest is history! They have blessed fans with a music video for “Kiss Me More” available for streaming worldwide. 

In the Warren Fu directed video for “Kiss Me More” you will see Doja Cat looking fierce, and fly as ever. Dressed in a sexy like pink ensemble that coincides with SZA’s attire, Doja serenades her on lookers in a classy and tasteful manner. You will hear her saying some sensual things such as “ Sign first, middle, last on the wisdom tooth, N****s wishin’ that the p***y was a kissin’ booth, taste breakfast, lunch, and gin and juice, and that dinner just like dessert too”.

As SZA holds her own , the two have exhibit a pal like energy hinting at the fact thereby must be good friends in real life. SZA will be seen rocking a beautiful reddish brown Afro looking like fart goddess princess alongside Doja. The space like ambiance, mixed with the futuristic vibe easily makes this one of Doja Cat’s most memorable visuals to date.

The closing moments of “Kiss Me More” is by far the best scene ever! Doja & SZA close out this release playing a video game looking like models ready to rip the Vogue runway. You truly get a chance to see these ladies personalities individually and together.

To discover what two of musics biggest stars have been up to creatively, click here to stream Doja Cat and SZA’s fire “Kiss Me More” video. You will not be disappointed.


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