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Carly Peeters – Stuck On A Feeling



Carly Peeters

Carly Peeters accomplishes more at age 17 than most
people three times her age

LOS ANGELES, CA – Prepare to be impressed by Carly Peeters. At only age 17, the young pop star and current reigning Miss Teen International has already acted in major television shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” has created her own nonprofit organization raising tens of thousands of dollars to help underserved children in third world countries, and is now getting ready to take the music industry by storm with a new single that is going to give the likes of Ariana Grande and Katy Perry a run for their money.

The single is called “Stuck on a Feeling,” and is currently available on all digital distribution sites. It’s an upbeat pop track that will immediately hook the listener and is ready made for radio. The chorus is catchy and has a hook that can’t help but beg the listener to play it over and over again. And with relatable lyrics and a smile that goes a mile, Peeters’ new song is sure to be America’s next big hit.

“This song is super upbeat and it really reflects who I am as a person because I’m very happy outgoing,” Peeters said. “I am an optimist and tend to focus on the silver-lining of things. This song was inspired from when I was stuck on this high that you get from being in a with someone, even though everyone else in my life was telling me it was a terrible . Everyone has had that relationship that you’re so in love with the other person, audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video even though you know it’s bad for you. This song talks about that in a super upbeat way with a audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video really driving beat that leans toward an EDM feel.”

Originally from Hawaii, Peeters is an actress and singer with a passion for giving back to her community. She moved to Los Angeles for her music, but along the way made a detour into acting and pageantry. She’s been on “Grey’s Anatomy” and “A Cowgirl’s Story” with Chloe Lukasiak and Bailee Madison. Peeters is also the reigning Miss Teen International and created a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization called Literally Literacy, which promotes literacy and raises money to combat illiteracy in third-world countries. Recently returned from a trip to the Philippines, she worked with Yellow Boat of Hope to bring resources to disadvantaged children remote islands. And she’ll be leaving for Haiti in June to help build a school there.

I founded Literally Literacy because I believe literacy is the means to break the chains of poverty,” Peeters said. “Someone who is literate and hopefully more educated will understand the world around them better and make better choices for themselves and their families. I want to provide ways to help them get educated, like building a school. I’ve always loved volunteer work and being involved in my community. With all the acting and Instagram followers I’ve developed I know how important it is to truly be a positive role model. I have aplatform for different people and different cultures to look at me, and it’s important to me to use that platform to highlight a cause that I believe in and which will make the world a little better.”

So … are you impressed yet?

To listen to Carly Peeters’ music or to follow her on social media, please visit:
“Stuck on a Feeling”

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Kenny Kane Ft. Beat King – “Dat’s Yo Potna”




Rapper Kenny Kane is building a notable name out of Memphis and some serious power players are taking note. The road has been arduous, but nonetheless, Kenny Kane has risen above his trials and tribulations.

“Sh*t I’ve been doing music for at least 15 years and sh*t I even went to jail for five. When I get out I just got back to it, that got to be about 17.  I’ve just been pushing in since, you know what I’m saying? Independent solo, out of my own pocket, no help from nobody,” Kenny Kane said.

“I ain’t really trying to fit into the mix, I’m just on a mission really. I ain’t really trying to fit into the mix. Because it’s like there’s so much confusion just going out in the mix and I’d rather you know stay away from that shit, you know what I’m saying? ‘Til all this shit gets squared away, I aint really just trying to get into the mix, you know what I’m saying? Some might f*ck with me that I f*ck with, so if we end up working we end up working. But it ain’t like I’m just trying to get in the mix, I’m trying to stay in my own mix.”

Kenny Kane is a true seasoned veteran of life, but Kane’s music is still finding a new home in the listener’s ear.  East Memphis bred Kenny into being a student of the game, noting Biggie, Fat Joe and The Geto Boys as some of his influences.

As opposed to getting caught up in the trouble of the streets anymore, Kenny Kane is focused on his upcoming work.  Releasing tracks like”Pimpin” ft Project Pat,  “FTN“,  “M-Town” and the emphatic “Pop My Shit Remix” featuring the legendary Boosie Badazz. We see what this man can do and he’s been flooding the streets with his sounds.

In addition to his tracks with Boosie and Project Pat,  he has Duke Deuce and Tay Keith records that have all hit the streets to critical acclaim.   Though he doesn’t just draw inspiration from the usual sounds of the South.

“I’m a real Hip-Hop fan so it’s like, I knew if I made the type of music that I was going to like, everybody else was gonna f*ck with it. So it’s just real music lovers, it’s not just rap you know what I’m saying? Cause I listen to all kinds of shitI don’t just listen to rap,” Kenny Kane explained.

His newest movement to pair with the art is his “BOP” wave. The acronym breaks down into “Be On Point,” to make sure you stay alert and on your toes in an age of uncertainty.

The future should bode well for Kenny Kane, with his label INSPIVATE (Inspire + Motivate) expanding and the world taking note of his sound, it’s only a matter of time. And there’s plenty for the consumer to digest, Kane has been on an absolute tear with his content in 2021, dropping video after video on Youtube.

This man understands how important it is to stay in the front of your community’s mind. Kane is going to make some serious plays in the upcoming months, so tap into his infectious set of sounds above.

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MarleyIBe – SKRT



From poetry to trap, MarleyIBe announces his arrival with new project ‘Bone’

Music was always Dominik Kadoniya Kelly’s first love, but it was his poetry that first earned him
a reputation. The 26-year-old, who was born in Germany and now lives in the Washington, D.C.
area, gained a huge following on Twitter with his “Bittersweet Tuesdays” poetry that showed a
vulnerable side and built an intimate connection with his audience. “I posted a poem one day
and everybody liked it so I kept posting them but I always liked music,” says Kelly. “After the
poetry got the ball rolling and I built a fanbase I decided to translate that into what I actually
wanted to do with myself. The result? A music artist best known as MarleyIBe who just released
his newest project: Bone, which features 11 tracks with an old-school mixtape feel like the ones
Kelly grew up listening to with skits and hosting by DJs. Kelly wants each of his projects to have
a different vibe and Bone serves as his step out party. “Just an introduction, a different way for
people to view me,” he says. “The next projects won’t sound anything like this.”Bone has more
of a trap rap feel to it and it likely won’t take fans by surprise as much as Kelly’s first tape, which
caught many off guard who only knew Kelly for his poetry. “The music was very different from
what people were expecting and they were surprised by what they heard,” he says. “With this
tape they know more what to expect.”“A lot of people seem to gravitate towards the song
’Skrt’ and I believe that’s because it has a really catchy hook and there’s a chant-like vibe, a
cadence that I do in the song that gives it a chant-like vibe and I think people are attracted to
that,” he says. “It makes them gravitate towards the song as soon as it turns on.”The project’s
third track, “Baby Muva,” features Rico Nasty, who’s signed to Atlantic Records. Overall it’s a
very upbeat project and Kelly strived to create something cohesive, something that blended
together as one. It’s a fun project not meant to be taken too seriously. Kelly considers himself a
dynamic artist and while most of his releases to date feature his rapping ability he’s not just a
hip-hop artist. All of his projects currently in the works sound completely different and his next
release will give off more of an alternative rock and pop vibe. His first full album, still in the
works, will feature more of his poetry. “I grew up in Germany with my father in the military so I
moved around a lot,” Kelly says. “The type of music I grew up listening to wasn’t the same that
most people were influenced by or had the ability to experience. From just music in different
languages to festival type music, people don’t really go outside their comfort zone as far as
what they listened to here and my parents forced me to listen to different types of music
growing up.”Kelly, in particular, was heavily influenced by Tupac as a person and an artist and
says Lil Wayne has been a great inspiration. And Bob Marley – if Kelly’s stage name doesn’t give
it away – has also been a key influence. The MarleyIBe name originated when everybody said
Kelly looked like the legendary reggae artist. “There’s an old Lil Wayne song and he references
somebody else and he says ‘Marley I Be’ talking to the person outside int he studio,” Kelly says.
“I don’t know why, that just always stuck with me. Somebody else I knew blessed me with the
name and decided that should be with me and I’ve rolled with it ever since.”Kelly’s goal as
MarleyIBe is to make music that everybody can listen to. “Maybe this song isn’t for you but I
want to make a song for everybody,” he says.

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