With his energetic and aggressive delivery, North Carolina based artist Jae Bell is back with another HOT music video called Champions Circle . This time, he called North Carolina’s very own Tae – Em to assist him in ripping other emcees to shreds. In this video, Jae Bell and Tae-Em are walking to the store until they are stopped and challenged in a cypher. Jae Bell and Tae-Em proceeds and dismantles their opponents and keeps it moving. Jae Bell has been very successful throughout the years. He released a Hot single called IDGAF nationwide on online radio & in North Carolina on Fm radio last year.  He continues to grow a buzz in North Carolina and the rest of the U.S. With his unique style of hip hop. You can follow Jae Bell on twitter @arsenalfamilyjb and Tae-Em @Tae_Empac

Directed by Illy Rock of TSGS Films
Produced by 808

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