Chinalizzle’s “Martes a Martes” is a Must-Have for Your Reggaeton Playlist



Chinalizzle, a rising artist hailing from Newark, New Jersey, has recently dropped her third Latin record, “Martes a Martes.” This release aims to give fans a deeper look into Chinalizzle’s identity within the reggaeton genre, showcasing more of her musical range.

Born and raised in Newark, Chinalizzle’s musical roots trace back to her Latin heritage. Growing up, she witnessed her dad playing the guitar and singing along to popular 2000s songs. Her love for both Spanish and English music became a driving force in her creative journey. Today, she finds inspiration in the way music videos were edited and conceptualized in the past.

Chinalizzle has hit notable milestones, including her first performance at Marbella Lounge in Newark and the success of her debut music video, “DM,” with over 4k views on YouTube. Despite having no promotion or marketing team, she has organically garnered over 2.2k streams in the current year.

Her musical style falls within urbano latino (Latin urban) and reggaeton. Chinalizzle draws from real-life events for her song ideas, often referencing old school and current reggaeton for inspiration. Her work has received positive feedback from DJ Drewski, the MVMT team, and NJ producer Cito on the beat.

As she looks forward to the release of “Martes a Martes” and future projects, Chinalizzle aims to represent Jersey in the Latin music scene. Follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to stay tuned to her musical journey:

TikTok: @chinalizzle
Instagram: @chinalizzle
YouTube: Chinalizzle

In her own words, “Tu Chinita linda,” Chinalizzle invites you to explore her musical world, where authenticity takes center stage, and every beat tells a story.



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