Listen! Crush Poe back with another one💯! I been enjoying this joint since it dropped! This some real spill for the streets right here. Crush Poe really out here feeding the streets! My first time hearing some Crush Poe & he made me a fan with his recent joint “Greedy Freestyle”. The Harlem artist been doing his thing for a little while now. Happy I listened to him talk that real spill on this as well. One of the most underrated raw artists coming from Harlem. The way he puts his sauce together is dope. He was talking real trap talk on this. He really give me that old Styles P & Don Q feel when it comes to his music. We need more artists like him for the streets. This is something you can bump ANYWHERE! Hustle talk is motivation!One of my favorite songs out right now on the indie scene. Crush Poe need back with more heat.  He delivering quality sauce right now. That Sauce Right Here!