“After previously being signed to Columbia records and not releasing music for a couple of years, I was hesitant to release my first EP as an independent artist. However, I felt very confident in this body of work. It’s like my baby; it’s a milestone. It’s a start to a new becoming of me as an artist and as a woman. This EP is fully written by me, which was something completely new that I tapped into. While writing this EP, I was able to really find my sound, what I stand for, and dig deep into what separated me from anyone else. This EP is a representation of the grind and the dedication I took to be where I am now.”

– Marissa 💋


The message behind this EP is to motivate others to be who they are, to believe in themselves, and to never give up no matter what life throws you. Marissa likes to call this EP the new R&B of Atlanta; with its sweet, soft, sexy, and soulful tones, but a with a beat that you can still ride around and nod your head to. In other words, it’s a vibe! The lyrics are Marissa; they showcase her experiences and her attitude, which makes it very relatable to anyone who has been through similar life encounters. This EP is only the beginning. This Is Me out now!

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