South Carolina born and raised Nick Grant was formally known for his talented basketball skills but it didn’t take long for him to familiarize himself with the love of music. Being how the industry promotes and fancies artist now a days Nick style somewhat seems more classic and laid back with the Kick that gives you realization of things . His metaphoric rhymes and creative chorus routines definitely give you the feel as if he was Rakim with Andre 3000 Vocabulary. Nick was Raised around his Grand Mother and Uncles amidst not knowing his father and mother somewhat in and out of his life. Living in the City he is From ( Walterboro , SC ) Not so many have chances of making it big although he relocated to the South ( Atlanta ) where music is well known and you can make it big with the right approach.
A Seat At The Table + 1 Album

We First caught wisp of him at the SXSW Festival back in March 2016, With his strong stage performance and dope lyrics we admittedly followed up with reviewing his catalog. From ’88 to + One his deliverance still amazes us and only leads to knowing that his shine will come sooner then you’d think. Scouted by Jason Geter , Who has a big influence in starting rappers careers Nick Grant knew he was heading in a right direction for what he had in his vision of becoming a dope lyricist.

’88 Mixtape Link

Below is some footage we captured of him at SXSW and also links to follow for more about his music.


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