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JT Da Bagga – Remember the Woo



 JT Da Bagga drops hot new EP to spice up the chilly months of winter 

ATLANTA, GA – Summer is for the ladies, but the men are staking a claim to the winter. That’s the sentiment behind the debut EP from Atlanta-based artist JT Da Bagga. It’s entitled “Cold Boi Winter” and it features a handful of tracks from this fast-rising artist that showcase his unique brand of sound and style. With California-inspired tracks like “Cold Boi Flow” and swaggy tracks like “Remember the Woo,” JT offers music lovers an enjoyable ride that’s perfect for the upcoming colder months.  

“It’s me speaking from a single man’s perspective,” he said. “Basically, it’s me being an ultimate bachelor. Each song is me doing what I do. I’m analyzing women because I like women and I like to be with women. I’m not degrading women. I love women. And I show that through all of these songs.” 

JT said he’s proud of this project because it shows the world a new sound and style in the world of Hip Hop that’s been lacking for a while. The thing he said he’s most proud of is his ability to be diverse and bring original flows across each and every song.  

“I’ve been all over the East Coast and I’ve been influenced by a lot of different genres of music,” he said. “I don’t have a specific sound. I do Drill, I do R&B slow songs, I do Club music, I do Reggae music – my versatility and ability to bring a vibe to any track is what sets me apart. That’s my biggest attribute as an artist.” 

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, JT was raised in the New York foster system. He lived in a group home in Queens and saw and experienced a lot of bad things in life. Music became his escape from life, and a sting in prison gave him somewhat of a blessing in disguise in that it provided him time to focus on the craft of making music and perfecting his unique sound and style. He’s come quite a ways since his early days of performing off-Broadway plays as a child.  

“A few years of me going to prison and making mistakes made me do research in how to perfect my craft and do things with it to stand out,” he said. “Ultimately, I’d like to be somebody known for spreading love. When you listen to my music, it’s more of an educational thing. To be able to bring people together and vibe and love and be able to be around each other without hate would be my ultimate goal for my music. I don’t do raw street music. A lot of my music is a vibe. So come and relax with me. I’m pure. I’m different. My mind is different, and yours can be too when you listen to my music.” 

JT’s album is currently available across all streaming platforms. The debut single “Remember the Woo” has been getting some major attention across the U.S. and is set to drop a music video later this year.  


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Fredro Starr, Peter Gunz, Glenn Plummer & More Star In Asbury Park




All Detroit screenings are sold out, don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch Asbury Park this Sunday, 2/28 on Pay Per View.

The movie stars Fredro Starr, Peter Gunz, Glenn Plummer, Jamal Woolard, Jermaine Hopkins, and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson and captures the dilemma four teens face in order to survive…because sometimes breaking the law is the right thing to do.

Head over to for more info on the movie, purchase Pay Per View tickets, and hear more from Ken ‘Legend’ Williams the writer, director, and executive producer of Asbury Park.


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MC David J Is Paving a Way In The Rapping Industry



Honk Magazine - MC David J

Atlanta hip hop artist better known as MC David J has been developing what many call an empire.

In the year 2016, he took a start and entered the rapping industry. His first release was Budeyo and has been making his professional life in the music industry. MC David J’s first track on the album called “You Know”, has become the album’s anthem. In this track, the rapper talks about his grind and how he’s pursuing his dreams to become an “MC”. The rawness in this two-minute song is responsible for its earning over 150k views.

As a label executive, producer and self-proclaimed rapper, he is ruling over the heart of his fans. No doubt, his fan bank is highly massive and all the tools he requires to be the next Herbo G and Diddy of the music industry.

Everything that he has developed all began when he first came into the industry and it was the age of just 9. From there, he started to expose to more tracks and work on his favourite tones through the years giving him a clear view for making and producing new music.

Now at the age of 25 years old, he is the producer and creator of numerous tones as well as millions of listeners and there is an increase in the number day by day. You will love to know that he has a thriving record label famous with the name of CoCalm Entertainment.

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