New York rising emcee Young E.Z. is taking his talents to new heights as a recording artist. With his I Am Who I Am album dropping August 26th, he is ready to show the world why his talent deserves to heard and praised. Having landed a distribution deal with United Masters, E.Z. has a gift that simply cannot duplicated. As he has spent most of this year preparing for the release of his forthcoming album, he is honing in on his craft like never before.

As he reminds you of a young Eminem, when asked about how what inspired him to pursue a career in music E.Z. responded, “honestly at first what inspired me to get involved in music was a combination of how much I love music and how much I hated high school. I loved music but more importantly it was excuse to not to do the dumb work I was assigned. I feel like high schools try to make you feel stupider if you’re not perfect at every subject when in reality you just need to work your ass off at one thing. I think me getting to where I’m at in music with just dropping everything else and focusing on that proves that. Just because the path you are told to go on is the normal choice, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice.”

When listening to his music you may wonder what rappers inspired him to take his passion further. The Bronx native is heavily influenced by  Xxxtentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God who were very close before X’s untimely passing. E.Z. is a part of the new age rap wave that was heightened by rappers such as Juice Wrld, and Smoke Purpp. As he continues to shake up things in the music industry, be sure to follow Young E.Z. on social media @youngle.z.



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