By: Rebecca Hall

By: Rebecca Hall

 Mery Racauchi is pop music’s next big thing. With the release of her highly anticipated “At 11:11” video, she is showing the world why her music and talent is undeniable. Being a fashion designer and entrepreneur, this international influencer is using her voice to impact music lovers on a global scale.

In this visual, you will you see the songstress rocking her signature pink hair, surrounded by the New York Time Square scenery. In a cat and mouse type of game, the songstress creatively takes your mind through a love story turned bad.

At the beginning you will hear a voice whisper “Good Luck” right before she hops in a rad sports car with her on camera beau. As this song is named after the magical time “11:11” directors Ezequiel Briff and Blake DVS do an excellent job bridging creating the perfect visual for a fire record.

The pop/rock inspired beat is fresh and funky, complimenting her pure vocals to perfection. As she fights to hold on to her man, you can hear her passion through her consistent melodic flows. Some lyrics that stand out on this release are “Distance means so little, when people mean so much.” These exact words appear on a letter left by her lover on the nightstand by her bed.

Check it out below.