Brittney Boston

Brittney Boston is a rising music media mogul who’s ready to take over the industry. From working as an A&R at Capitol Records, to co-founding her own independent music label (Living Legends Entertainment), Boston is dedicated to ensuring the success of her artists.

We got a chance to sit down and speak with Boston about her journey, and how she got to where she is.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us what you do.

My name is Brittney Boston. I currently manage a few dope artists and run an indie label called Living Legends Entertainment with distribution alliances through BMG and Ingrooves (Strange & RBC).

With regards to music, an artist named Dax is my main priority. We’re building something special and I’m proud to be his manager and business partner. I also manage a violinist known as THMPSN, who is about to put out a Hip-Hop/EDM project. I am also consulting for a few artists and in addition to working with the Grammy Award Winning songwriter Lil Eddie and Latin artist Yung Raf, I’m excited about another artists named Terrell Mackey.

How did you get involved in the music industry and what has your journey been like?

My career has evolved tremendously. I started out as an intern, conquered my dream job of A&R for Universal Music Group, to now helming an indie label and managing the careers of some rising stars.

What does being an A&R actually consist of?

Traditionally an A&R goes to clubs/bars, and shows in order to scout for artists and sign them. Back in the day, there was artist development so the A&Rs would spend time cultivating the artist’s sound and image, while putting them in the studio with writers and producers. Thanks to the internet and social media, a lot of that process has been fast tracked, so most A&R’s look for artist to come in seasoned so they can put the content out quickly. I’m old school. I’m big on energy so I love to go see an artist live, I like to be around them and watch their process. I started as a songwriter so my ear is different.

What’s your process like for recruiting and looking for new artists to potentially sign?

When I get records, I think from both sides, marketability and sonically what sounds appeasing. Diane Warren told me she trusted my ears so I’ll go with that. I love to pair the artist with songwriters and producers that will help create the sound they’re looking for. I like to critique the song and give my notes about how the record can improve cohesively. I’ll be a performance coach if I have to in rehearsal for shows, whatever. I’m all in.

You started your own indie label, Living Legends Entertainment, how has that been so far?

We are very young and have a lot of growing to do. I love what DaBaby and South Coast Music is doing. My personal goal is to have a No Limit, Cash Money, Interscope, TDE type of label. Impact, Impact, Impact.

How do you approach working with artists?

It’s a feeling you have when you meet someone. I’m lead by my spirit, if my inner self tells me to connect or work with someone I will follow suit. I am very selective of who and what I give my time to. Artist management can be very draining if you are working with the wrong person, but you have to create boundaries with artists. It’s so many talented people, you can’t manage them all, so you have to figure out how to help, but not attach yourself to every project

What do you see for yourself in the future? Would you want to ever become a CEO or President of a record label?

There’s a possibility. I believe that will happen, but it’ll have to be something were I am a co-owner or have some sort of ownership in the company. That’s just my mindset, I am big on ownership. Especially as a black woman, it’s important for me to not only become wealthy or have all these credits or titles, but to have actual ownership that will always be mines no matter what. Legacy is important to be and if I don’t believe in me who will.

Tell us about your organization “I AM Musicology”? When did you create that and what do you do?

God told me my purpose was to be a provider for others. So, a few years ago, I was very timid, shy and insecure. The last thing I wanted to do was be in front of people. I had been used to people telling me I’d never be anything or that I wasn’t good enough. But, for some reason, God kept pulling at my spirit to launch this platform to help the youth. So I don’t become long-winded, I’ll cut to the chase … Musicology derived from an organization I created called I AM Musicology.

I AM Musicology is a platform that caters to young professional looking to launch a career in entertainment. We produce a quarterly event called I AM Musicology where we primarily host at the legendary Ivar Theater in Hollywood. We typically host the event in associate with The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, however, we’ve also hosted the event at the Art Institute, Musician’s Institute, and Full Sail University and Musician’s Institute. Musicology has been sponsored by Guitar Center and Tunecore.

The mission of I AM Musicology is to empower individuals pursuing a career in the entertainment industry with opportunities and resources. Through these opportunities, participants will be able to build their network, learn and build skill sets that they can apply to their career. We are working on an app right now and I am so excited to grow this platform.

Having worked for a prominent label and now being independent running your own label, which do you prefer?

Working for a record label is amazing. You have an army supporting you and there’s always something new to learn. It’s very difficult to get in those buildings so take advantage if you find yourself in one. Being indie is a non-stop grind, but I like it. Both have its high and lows.When you are independent you don’t have a lot of people to lean on, let alone support so when you win it feels even better. I don’t prefer either or. I find value in both systems.

What advice would you have to offer upcoming artists and entrepreneurs who want to get involved in the music industry?

Never ever give up. Write your goals down and say them out loud daily, start speaking your position into existence. Do your research before reaching out to people. Pay attention to the trades, follow the right blogs and journalists. If you want something bad enough it will happen. Put in the work now, you don’t need wait on a position.

Where can people find you on social media?

@brittneyboston should allow you to find me everywhere. If you are interested in my services you can check out my website –

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