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New Jersey’s Very Own Apryl Releases New “It Was You” Single



New Jersey inspirational singer Apryl has an important and positive message that the world needs to hear. Finding healing and solace from past traumas, she has poured her heart and soul into her latest single “It Was You”. Reminding listeners that you are not defined by your past, she is showing the world how to take back your power from those that may have tried to break you mentaly, emotionally, and physically. By the end of the song, you will hear the Jersey-based singer triumphantly being vulnerable in order to achieve a level of mental freedom she has yearned for.

Growing up in a musical family in Dallas, Texas, Apryl, found success as a child alongside her siblings performing at a local weekly gospel show that aired on Access TV in the 80’s. By the time she entered college, she was opening up with rap groups in the Midwest for Mary J. Blige, setting her horizons on becoming a musical star. To learn more about the business side of music, this inspirational singer interned with Jive and BMG Records, sparking her passion for songwriting. But as she was involved with 9/11 she decided to shift gears to social work so she can have a more direct impact on the world and her children’s life. In the process she was inspired to embark on her own self healing journey, shedding light on traumas that have plagued her life since childhood. This led Apryl to writing “It Was You”, a release of inward emotions and turmoil that comes with sexual assault and molestation.

Having been violated since the age of 4, having a safe place where she can creatively express herself, took the form of music. “It Was You” is a reminder to take back your power in situations where you are deemed powerless. Gant prides herself on gaining clarity on God’s purpose for her life and the ways she can help others heal from their traumatic past. Feeling more empowered than ever, Apryl Gant is ready to provide a healing soundtrack for the world to indulge in.

Press play below to stream Apryl’s “It Was You” and indulge in some encouraging words.



DTFK Brand Is One-Of-A-Kind Fashion… Literally




In today’s fashion, rarity is important. It’s all about having something that no one else has. DTFK Brand, an emerging brand by popular indie artist Dough The Fresh Kid, has a one-of-a-kind brand that is not only the concept but the pledge. “Everything is exclusive, limited, and only sold once,” says Dough The Fresh Kid.

Established alongside the artist’s flourishing career and allowing his fans to further attract themselves to the music, DTFK prides itself on providing consumers with a one-of-one apparel line that ranges from hoodies to bomber jackets to hats to signature tees. The brand’s pieces will only be available for a period before being preserved, and a brand-new collection will be presented in the near future. Providing the brand with a constantly refreshed anticipation and elevated growth creatively and popularity.

“My merchandise is exclusive, limited, and only sold once,” Dough The Fresh Kid confirms.

DTFK is set to release a new collection in 2023 that began promotion last month via Instagram. Shown below, Dough The Fresh Kid stars in the brand’s latest campaign showcase, an all-white embroidered sweatsuit ensemble overlooking the skyscrapers.

“We’re dropping new clothing every season and shipping internationally,” he says.”An official DTFK Brand store/location is in the making.”

DTFK Brand is the perfect connection for newfound fans as both the artist and the brand soar. Alongside the brand, Dough The Fresh Kid is preparing new music to accompany the fashion. As one of a kind, both the brand and artist is a collection today’s hip hop enthusiast must have.

You may purchase new DTFK clothing here. Follow DTFK Brand on social media for up-to-the-minute updates.

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Jacquel Serves Up Impressive Debut EP “The Only One”



"Jacquel The only One EP"
Rising Hip-Hop artist Jacquel is ready to take the music business by storm. As an artist who takes rap music to new heights, he comes from humble beginnings growing up in the heart of Hip Hop known as Atlanta, Georgia. Bringing in a new energetic, fun rapping style to the forefront, he delivers an impressive debut project titled The Only One. Teaming up with heavy hitter DJ Cassius Cain for this release, has turned out to be a match made in heaven for Jacquel.

Jacquel got his start in the music business recording himself on FL Studio in 2020. Once he realized that creating music was second nature to him, he began rapping seriously discovering that music was more than just a hobby. He joined the choir and band during his teenage years furthering his passion for music and love for creating. Being in Atlanta he was able to see rappers become superstars within a blink of an eye and he knew he wanted to make his dreams a reality one day.

By having DJ Cassius Cain executive produce his project Jacquel knew he needed to be working with someone who knows the ins and out of this business. On The Only One, you will hear an array of lethal punchlines, memorable bars, and high energy beat tempos throughout. The Atlanta native does an excellent job of infusing his southern influence into his original sound, which creates a unique listening experience. From song to song, it becomes apparent why Jacquel is a star in the making. He is determined to show the world why he is “the only one” the world should be listening to this Spring and Summer.

He has what it takes to stamp his name in the Hip Hop game in a major way. Press play below to stream Jacquel’s debut project “The Only One” below and watch his official music video here.

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Ashthon Jones Pop Out (Official Video) @AshthonJones



Watch this brand new Ashthon Jones Pop Out Music Video!

Grammy Award-winning singer/ songwriter, Ashthon Jones is back with a brand new record entitled Pop Out. For her catchy new single, Ashthon teams up with a hit producer by the name of Tasha Catour. And the pair created an ultra-fun and seductive smash hit that’s the perfect vibe for the ladies to bump all year long. Never one to act shy, the talented songstress lets her playful and energetic personality shine bright. This new Ashthon Jones Pop Out record is super infectious and will have listeners singing along while tapping the repeat button.

With her single out now on all streaming platforms, Ashthon’s also sharing a visual treatment for her new record. The talented songstress worked with the director Georgia Kidd on her new music video. They came up with a dope concept to help bring the energetic and sensual vibes of the song to life. When it came time to shoot her new Pop Out music video, Ashthon jumped on a flight to Australia with her team of dancers to have a little fun while filming the visual. In her new visual, Ashthon shows off her amazing dance skills with some flirtatious choreography. It’s a fun music video to enjoy watching while vibing out to her catchy new single. Go ahead and press play so you can check out this latest music video from Ashthon for yourself! And don’t forget to save the record on your Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal playlists!

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