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[New Music] Kevin AntoniYo – Replaceable




Brooklyn, NY Sep, 30th 2020 

Kevin AntoniYo brings the liveliness of a summer night in the city to every record. The Brooklyn native unapologetically wraps his women listeners in the perfect, fun-loving fantasy with songs such as “CFN SZN” and “Favorite”.“I think it can be soothing to bump something that just FEELS good. Relax. Vibe!” is Kevin AntoniYo’s outlook when it comes to music that can edify a person’s energy. The singer, songwriter, and producer initially captured that feeling as a teenager playing the drums for his church. It was this melodic foundation that molded Kevin AntoniYo into the R&B artist that he is today. His dedication to his craft placed him on BET’S: Hustle In Brooklyn, Sway In The Morning, and as an opening act for a string of prominent artists including R&B/Hip-Hop pioneer T-Pain. Even with all of these accolades, Kevin AntoniYo is unwavering in delivering the best music to his listeners. 

“Replaceable” is an anthem for people who recognize their self-worth. It is the perfect soundtrack to a breakup from a situation that no longer serves you.“I’m not forcing anything to work that doesn’t. I got way too many options” is a simple indicator that Kevin AntoniYo uses when determining the worth of 

holding on to a relationship. In times like these, we have the tendency to hold on to more out of fear. As Kevin AntoniYo stated “I feel like people are going through a lot of things that they can’t exactly escape from the way they used to”. We need songs like “Replaceable” to remind us of the control we have in our lives. Instead of dealing with unhappiness we should do everything in our power to replace it with a more rewarding feeling.“Replaceable” is framed around a breakup but the divorce is the first step to your glow up. Allow Kevin AntoniYo to provide the sound as you victory dance around the house. 

To learn more about Kevin AntoniYo and stream “Replaceable” click the links below.

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D Prime 215 x Johann Sebastian x DJ Soulbuck -10,000 Flowers



Philly’s acclaimed wordsmith D Prime 215 releases “10,000 Flowers” off his EP titled ‘Forever in a Day.’ The single is produced by Johann Sebastian with cuts by DJ Soulbuck.

D Prime 215 never disappoints when it comes to quick-witted punchlines, genius wordplay, and an impeccable flow. “10,000 Flowers” is no exception. “I’m a renegade when I hear the beat it’s time to mutilate, put the blade to my vein.”

The track is fueled with about four minutes of lyrical jewels and gems that encompass Prime’s personal truths, booth profession shine, and an empowering lifestyle. Johann Sebastian provides a 70’s vibe with funky bass while DJ Soulbuck swarms in to heighten the paragon with his signature ‘fix your face’ cuts and scratches.

10,000 hours can lead to mastery. One thing we should master is giving love to those who love us. 10,000 Flowers. One Flower Per Hour. Love with the intent of mastering it. Wake Up. Press Play. Love Yours. One. – D Prime 215

Stream “10,000 Flowers” and connect with D Prime 215 below.

D Prime 215




Produced by Johann Sebastian:

DJ Cuts by DJ Soulbuck:

Artwork by Davon Campbell:

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New Music by Dres & Chuck D “Dilla Drums”



Hip Hop purists are already hip to the upcoming DnD (Dilla x Dres) album by Dres (Black Sheep) and the late great J Dilla.  Dres has been sharing snippets here and there but today the first single in its entirety is ready to go, and it’s a pre-election necessity!

Dres recruits his legendary peer Chuck D for an eye-opening, hair raising masterpiece ready to blare through communities nationwide, all the way to voting booths.

Press play to experience a timeline of societal genocides that can only seize through the power of unified voices.

“Dilla Drums” will empower the necessary awareness and cruciality of voting…With heads high and a strong fist, unite for change!

Instagram @blacksheepdres @mrchuckd_pe

Twitter @dresblacksheep @mrchuckd

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